reading challenge

More of this less of that

A thought bounces around my head between running kids around town and watching another episode of Call the MIdwife.

"I should

It's not like I never read, in fact, I read every day. I just don't read a lot of books from cover to cover. I only to this when it is required of me for a bible study at church. So I read about 3 books a year. 

I know increasing my book intake won't just happen by accident. Like anything worth doing, it will take sacrifice. In my case, I will have to sacrifice tv or social media time. Seems like a worthy trade. 

My friend Julie shared an extremely organized reading challenge for the year from I'm not a great organizer (cue creative type), so if someone else will do that work for me, then I can do almost anything! 

I unofficially took on the light reading plan. I like to take things pretty easy on myself. So I will be reading one book every four weeks, 13 books in 2016. I will check back in here on my progress after every book.


Show Your Work!

By Austin Kleon

A book for creatives who don’t want to spend their time selling. This book teaches the art of sharing, and of building a community around what you do. It encourages the creative to be open with their process and to treat their craft as though they would like everyone else to be as excited about it as they are- not to hoard knowledge. And bonus, it has a really cool design! 

Key concept takeaway: share something small every day


This book inspired me to share my art prints. I have something I love, something that helps me, and I want to share it with you!



It would mean so much to me for you to check out the prints that are available to you for free.