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A thought bounces around my head between running kids around town and watching another episode of Call the MIdwife.

"I should

It's not like I never read, in fact, I read every day. I just don't read a lot of books from cover to cover. I only to this when it is required of me for a bible study at church. So I read about 3 books a year. 

I know increasing my book intake won't just happen by accident. Like anything worth doing, it will take sacrifice. In my case, I will have to sacrifice tv or social media time. Seems like a worthy trade. 

My friend Julie shared an extremely organized reading challenge for the year from I'm not a great organizer (cue creative type), so if someone else will do that work for me, then I can do almost anything! 

I unofficially took on the light reading plan. I like to take things pretty easy on myself. So I will be reading one book every four weeks, 13 books in 2016. I will check back in here on my progress after every book.


Show Your Work!

By Austin Kleon

A book for creatives who don’t want to spend their time selling. This book teaches the art of sharing, and of building a community around what you do. It encourages the creative to be open with their process and to treat their craft as though they would like everyone else to be as excited about it as they are- not to hoard knowledge. And bonus, it has a really cool design! 

Key concept takeaway: share something small every day


This book inspired me to share my art prints. I have something I love, something that helps me, and I want to share it with you!



It would mean so much to me for you to check out the prints that are available to you for free.

Free prints now available for download

For a while I have been thinking about what my true intentions are for my art, my shop, my gifts that the Lord has given me. When a friend of mine called me up to pray about our creative endeavors, I jumped at the chance to bring all of this before the Lord. Here is where I landed, I believe in the power of the Word of God. This Word is unimaginably beautiful on its own, and greatly to be desired. I know this, because I experience it myself. The more I dive into it, the deeper I delve in, the more remarkably dazzling it is, and the more I want of it. This is no working of my own, but a work of the Holy Spirit within me. All that to say, I believe in this. And I draw and sketch and paint and journal these words because they are beautiful, not to make them so. 

Bless the Lord 2.jpg

So when I create a piece of art displaying these words, I am penning words that have moved me, and changed me, and will continue to do so as I hide them in my heart. God's words need no embellishment to be lovely, but as God created us as visual beings, a creative beings, we are drawn to artful things. And so we benefit from artful expressions of His perfect Word. 

Pressed Down- green no fill.jpg

That being said, I want these expressions, inspired by Him and for Him to be available to anyone who wants them. So I have decided to post each and every print I have made and offer them as free downloads here on this sight. And as I make more, I will post them here as well. 

So please, click the link above to free scripture print downloads and look around! If you see one that you like, click on the image and you will be redirected to a pdf version to download. Then you can print the high quality print document yourself and it will be ready for framing or gifting. Download one or all, these are free for your use. (I do ask that you not take the images and change them in any way or sell them as your own. Honor system here. Thanks!)

Please share the page with anyone who you think might enjoy some free scripture art! 

With love and blessings!! 


In case you are wondering (and because several people have asked) yes, my etsy shop is still up and running with all of my rustic wooden signs, and I am excited about adding some new products come spring, so be sure to keep up with the changes there! You can receive my occasional newsletter alerting you of new products and sales by signing up here: