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Free prints now available for download

For a while I have been thinking about what my true intentions are for my art, my shop, my gifts that the Lord has given me. When a friend of mine called me up to pray about our creative endeavors, I jumped at the chance to bring all of this before the Lord. Here is where I landed, I believe in the power of the Word of God. This Word is unimaginably beautiful on its own, and greatly to be desired. I know this, because I experience it myself. The more I dive into it, the deeper I delve in, the more remarkably dazzling it is, and the more I want of it. This is no working of my own, but a work of the Holy Spirit within me. All that to say, I believe in this. And I draw and sketch and paint and journal these words because they are beautiful, not to make them so. 

Bless the Lord 2.jpg

So when I create a piece of art displaying these words, I am penning words that have moved me, and changed me, and will continue to do so as I hide them in my heart. God's words need no embellishment to be lovely, but as God created us as visual beings, a creative beings, we are drawn to artful things. And so we benefit from artful expressions of His perfect Word. 

Pressed Down- green no fill.jpg

That being said, I want these expressions, inspired by Him and for Him to be available to anyone who wants them. So I have decided to post each and every print I have made and offer them as free downloads here on this sight. And as I make more, I will post them here as well. 

So please, click the link above to free scripture print downloads and look around! If you see one that you like, click on the image and you will be redirected to a pdf version to download. Then you can print the high quality print document yourself and it will be ready for framing or gifting. Download one or all, these are free for your use. (I do ask that you not take the images and change them in any way or sell them as your own. Honor system here. Thanks!)

Please share the page with anyone who you think might enjoy some free scripture art! 

With love and blessings!! 


In case you are wondering (and because several people have asked) yes, my etsy shop is still up and running with all of my rustic wooden signs, and I am excited about adding some new products come spring, so be sure to keep up with the changes there! You can receive my occasional newsletter alerting you of new products and sales by signing up here:


"Then I wish I was never alive." My 5 year old's response to the fact that getting shots is a part of life. "So you think it would be better to have never been alive at all than to experience a very short amount of pain?" I asked somewhat shocked. "Yes." His answer definitive, unwavering. I tried to explain to my little boy a deep and complex truth. I'm not sure it went very well as he moved on to asking for ice cream at the first sign that mom was done talking. But it served a purpose in speaking to my own heart because, while I may be a little less dramatic or vocal about it, I do try to avoid pain at all costs. The pain of disappointing someone I love.

The pain of being rejected.

The pain of being losing something I hold dear.

"Sure, shots hurt buddy. But only for a little bit. And they aren't even something bad that is happening to you. In fact, they are something good  because they are protecting you from something potentially much worse." Was my reply, which I'm sure sounded more like the mom from Charlie Brown the second the word 'potentially' exited my lips.

We moved on and the conversation was filed away in the distant, foggy memory part of my day until I was about to go to bed and I went in to kiss him goodnight. I began to think, if he truly believes that he would be better off never alive than face hardship, what does that say about his belief system? I think it means that feeling pain is absolutely the worst thing he can imagine. He wants to be pain free all the time. He is a little feel-good seeker. And as his mother, I want this for him. Naturally I don't relish in the thought of him experiencing the unpleasant things in life, whether physical or emotional. But I only know of one place where that is possible. There is only one place pain free and only one way to get there. The believer in Christ is promised this place, but to get there they must experience pain on some level. Now I know some people die in their sleep and some people die suddenly, and then there were those just taken up in a whirlwind, but to a certain degree I would argue that every death experience has an amount of pain associated with it.

I believe God to be sovereign over all. ALL. Perhaps he uses the pain to point us to him, to help us to be thankful for the times we are not in pain, to minister to those suffering alongside us. But tonight I was struck by another thought. Would I get very excited about a place where there is no pain if I never experienced pain myself? Would I cherish the man who will wipe every tear from my eyes is I had never cried about anything? No, of course not. It would be like telling a child who has never tasted a pea that they are moving to a town where they will never have to eat peas again. "Big deal, I don't have to eat them now," they would think, "and by the way, what's a pea?"


Imperishable seed bright

Imperishable seed

This week I completed the first custom order for my shop. A print of 1 Peter 1:23. In Christ I am not an imperishable seed. What makes this verse mean something to me? The fact that I feel and experience my perishable-ness every day.

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

I feel my perishable-ness and I don't like it. I am a big feel-good seeker. I envy success, my motives are often out of whack and reveal a heart that wanders quickly. But I am told that I am an imperishable seed. And by the word of God through his son I know that one day I will not envy or seek my own good, and I will always have perfect motives! This perishable feeling is temporary! I can be joyful because I know the pain, and I know it will someday be over. What I glorious day that will be! I to think, I could have missed it all if I had never been alive.