Preschool lesson Garden of Gethsemane

PSS Review {A dark night in the garden}

Our children's ministry started Easter lessons last week. This is the second lesson in that series. To see the first, go here. We will be using the stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible throughout this series. Scripture: The Garden of Gethsemane from Luke 22, Mark 14, and John 18

Age group: 4-5 years olds

Lesson: Read pg 294-302 in the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you don't have this Bible, just summarize the story of the garden of Gethsemane from Jesus praying to his arrest.

Focus: It was for this reason that I was born into the world. {JSB pg 301, John 18:11} 

Discussion Questions:

Why was Jesus so sad in the garden? God was going to pour into Jesus' heart all the sadness and brokeness in people's hearts. He was going to pour into Jesus' body all the sickness in people's bodies. God was going to blame his son for everything that had gone wrong {JSB p294}.

What was the worst part of Jesus dying going to be? Jesus was going to not be with God, he was going to lose God because that is the punishment for sin that Jesus was taking on for us {JSB p295}.

Even though Jesus was scared and upset, did he still trust God? Did he still obey him? Yes, obeying God means following with our hearts and our actions.

Think of a time when you were scared and upset. Can you still trust God in those times even though you might not understand what is happening?Yes

Could Jesus have stopped the soldiers from arresting him?Yes, Jesus can do anything.

Why didn't Jesus stop them? He was obeying God. He knew that God sent him to die for our sins, and being arrested was part of the plan.

Why was Jesus born into the world? To die for our sins


{1} Craft: Scratch and draw.

A while back I picked up this kit from Hobby Lobby. It came with 35 scratch sheets and one wooden scratch stick. I made some more scratch sticks out of bamboo skewers. You use the skewers to scratch the black paper which reveals a colored layer underneath. I created a stencil of Jesus praying in the garden so the kids could scratch this image into their scratch sheets. They can also add trees or flowers for a garden, but I kind of like leaving the background black to emphasize the loneliness of Jesus. Then we scratched the words "trust and obey" into the sheet.

{2} Game: Freeze tag

It was really nice this week, so we went to the courtyard in front of our church to play. I chose freeze tag with a modification. You might have to explain the rules to some of the kids.

Choose someone to be "it". Everyone else runs around and "it" tries to tag them. When "it" tags someone they have to freeze like they are. But in our game they have to freeze laying down on the ground like they are asleep. The frozen person can only wake up if someone runs by and tags them again. The game is over if "it" gets everyone and everyone is frozen. Or, if "it" is getting tired you can choose another person to help them, or start over with a new "it. 

At the end of the game sit the kids down and talk about the part of the story when Jesus asked his friends to watch and pray, but they fell asleep.

{3} Act out the story. This story lends itself to being acted out. Everyone can have a part as Jesus or a disciple. Then in the end of the story they can be soldiers, which the boys will love. I brought along my son's toy swords. If your church has potted plants or indoor trees, you might borrow them to create a garden in your classroom.