index card a day #icad

I love Instagram. 


There, glad I got that out in the open. 


I follow a community of artists that challenge and inspire me. 

Last week I came across a fun new project. {Artists like projects}.

Take an index card every day and decorate it. It is called ICAD {index card a day}.



Simple, right? 

Sure! {As long as you have use of your arms}


The trouble with this 30 day challenge is that it starts June 1. June 1 is known lovingly around here as BOOB Day. It is the day of my double mastectomy after which I will have very little function in my arms for about a week. I have heard it described as "the worst muscle pull/strain you have every had x1000." Sounds fun, huh? 


So I immediately dismissed he ICAD challenge and filed it away in the maybe next year file. 


I laughed at myself thinking of what it would look like for me to decorate an index card on Day 1 post-op. 


Then the thought came to me that this would be fun way to visualize my progress! Even if I just streak a big black line across the card on days 1-10, but then maybe add a little color on day 14, and some design elements on day 19, I think it will be a great way to focus on where I have come from and where I am headed. 

I have also heard that it is helpful during the recovery following this surgery to be hopeful and look to the next milestone. I think the cards with reflect the milestones. And now I have something to look forward to post-surgery come Monday!! 

And that is really good because the recovery is the hardest part and there is nothing really fun about it at all, especially the first few weeks, except the index cards. 

The index cards are fun. 

And I hope that looking back I will appreciate the mercies that each morning brings, whether in the form of challenges and pain or healing an strength, His mercies are new every morning. 


Check out some #icad feeds on Instagram come June 1st. I will tag mine #icad and #gracefullhomeicad and #brcaicad


 Official ICAD guidelines and FAQ 

Photos above are from the following IG feeds, give them a follow! 

Top left: @artsyville Top right: @hemlockandheather Bottom left: @laracasey Bottom right: @forgivenfruit

Big ICAD pic: @artsyville

Thanks for following along on this journey friends!