that time everything I touched disappeared

This week has been a little bit haywire. I kind of feel like Alice, or like I am stuck in a reoccurring dream where my legs are really heavy and I can't move faster than an inch per minute.

I did everything I was supposed to do. I planned out my week, got everything down on paper so that I wouldn't miss anything. I recently decluttered all of our common spaces to maximize productivity, and I stocked the freezer with 10 meals over the weekend. I even had a plan to exercise. Everything was going swimmingly. And then Monday morning hits and so does the brick wall. From the minute I woke up I could not seem to accomplish one task, I was even having trouble generating a complete thought without jumping to something else. I looked around my house Monday evening, at everything unfinished, heaved a big sigh and chalked it up to being Monday.

Then Tuesday went pretty much the same, only with the added trick of misplacing everything of importance. A flash drive, a passport, a checkbook, the car keys... all missing right when I needed them the most. I spent all of yesterday afternoon dumping out drawers and closets in search for the missing items, undoing all of the work I was so proud of just days before. 

I was feeling proud with all that I had accomplished, patting myself on the back for what a good job I was doing. But by the time Wednesday night rolled around you would have thought we'd been robbed. Furniture pulled away from the wall, rugs in a jumble, piles of toys in every room, all the books pulled off of the bookcase... there was nothing to show for my work. 

So, what do you do when nothing is easy? When everything takes 90% more effort than it should, effort you don't feel like you have?


Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know that I am God.

This verse is both a comfort and a challenge. Who has time to be still? Yet, that is what we are commanded to do. Many times we spin our wheels trying to accomplish things and be better, when all God asks of us is to be still and realize that He is the one who does the accomplishing.