she did what she could

So.... I'm assuming you came back for the big news that I teased you with yesterday. Well, let me just start by saying thank you for being interested!

gracefullhome will be on Etsy on November 10th


If you have been readying along for very long, you probably have noticed a sketch here and there. About a year ago I started converting my sketches into digital art so that I could do things like animate them.




Well, that little project turned into a new hobby for me. I have always been drawn to graphic lettering and writing styles and interesting prints that showcase meaningful phrases. As I began to sketch more and more I began to realize that sketching verses that are meaningful to me and song lyrics that move me can be a form of worship. So I began to pray that God would take this worship and be blessed by it.


A few months later I asked the Dude what he thought about us opening an Etsy shop with my art. His reply was, "I'm not saying no, I'm just saying not yet." Boy, am I grateful for that man's wisdom. Although I didn't know why or completely agree with the "not yet" answer, I went with it because things always work out better under the submission of my husband.

Turns out, God had a lot of things to deal with in my heart before I was ready for this step. Things like:

Why do I want to make this art public? Is it for me or for Him? Is it for my glory and fame or His?

What are these feelings of inadequacies in my heart? Why am I discouraged when I look at other people's artwork? Why am I always comparing myself to others and coming up short?

What is my goal with this online business? What will the money be for? What does that reveal about my motives to open a shop?


All of these questions were brought up and dealt with in the most merciful and gentle ways by the Father. Through a Bible Study session at church, a conversation with a friend, and in the quiet morning moments with it is just me and my coffee. He is gentle in his reproving of me, and I am thankful. Now I can honestly say:

It doesn't have to be perfect, or the best, or anything special in anyone's eyes because it is for You. You are the creative Creator, you have given me the ability that I have, no more, no less, so I will give it back to You. I will do what I can right now to worship You with all You have given me.

In the quiet hour orange rgb

And that is what my art is, a form of worship. Extremely enjoyable and exciting worship. Most of what you see will be verses or songs that have stuck in my heart for one reason or another and my natural inclination is to draw them out. Sketching helps me think as I ponder whatever is circling through my mind. I'm thrilled to be able to share this part of myself with you. A part that was fearfully and wonderfully made and knit together just for me. The gracefullhome shop opens on Etsy on November 10th. I would be honored if you will stop by! {I'll add a link on that day to make to easy on you!}