In case you were wondering....

....why I have been so quiet here the last few weeks. As usual when the blog gets pushed to the back burner, I have had several projects going on. Such as.... My church partners with a school called Immanuel Mission in Sweetwater, AZ. The school is on a Navajo reservation and we have personal friends who serve there full time as teachers. Last year we launched a program called Immerse Immanuel where a family from our church partners with a student at the mission and they write letters back and forth for a year. We just launched the second annual Immerse Immanuel program and I took on the lobby display. We begin the program by choosing a child off of a Christmas tree and sponsoring them for Christmas {like an angel tree}. You can read more about it on our church's mission blog if you like.

photo 1


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I found this idea for a Navajo inspired "Christmas tree" on pinterest, went a dug around in my friend's burn pile for branches and wrestled with fishing line for a couple hours to hang it. It may sound like a chore, but this is the kind of thing I love to do!




My next big project was hosting a brunch for some friends. When I first moved to town, the girls at my church were meeting together regularly for brunch on Friday mornings. Slowly that custom was set aside, mostly I think because of the sheer amount of children involved. We all just kept on having babies! I felt so welcomed by all of them into their daily lives and it made such a huge impression that to this day {6 years later} it motivates me to be hospitable, especially to those who are new in town or new to our church. So I decided to have a Mary & Martha brunch and provide childcare so all of the mommas could bring their kids and enjoy a little mom time. Mary & Martha is a company all about balancing the extra duties that come with being hospitable {think Martha}  with taking time to sit and build relationships {think Mary}.



I made Pioneer Woman maple cinnamon rolls and my very first quiche. We had coffee and chai tea and wonderful conversation. Despite everything extra that went into having 12 of my friends and their kids over at my house at the end of a busy week, I felt refreshed! It's amazing what good food and great company can do for my soul!


So, I've been busy at church and at home, but the thing that has been grabbing most of my attention the past few weeks is something I have been dreaming about for a long time, and it is finally happening! I can't wait to share with you all this exciting news, but I want to give a little back story first. So come back tomorrow and you can read all about it! Cruel, I know.



God bless!