Baseball Boys {and a room tour}

The three big kids are playing tball this summer for a little church league in town. Our church has a ton of kids in the age 3-6 year age range for tball, so we have quite a team.

It's the Little Dude's first year to play. His first game didn't go so well in that he gave up because he was hot and tired about half way through. But his endurance has improved over the last few weeks.

Bear is becoming a pretty good little ball player.



And Monkey is blessed with althetic ability that I never knew myself. Trust me when I say- she gets it ALL from their dad. Her skills on the piano, maybe I can claim a bit of that, but not the sports. Just bein' honest.




Part of the fun of moving into a new house is getting to start over with the kids' rooms. Actually every room, but kids room are extra fun! It's taken me a while to put anything on the walls, but I finally broke out the hammer and put up the boys' decorations. I still have a few things to do, like curtains and a Texas Rangers poster, but it's a good start.

Right now, Bear and Tiger are sharing a room until the Dude finishes some bunk beds he is making. Then the Little Dude will move in here too. The Dude's grandma has made each of the kids a quilt, all of which coordinate beautifully together.

Tiger sleeps with a rainbow trout. The love of fishing starts early around here. And grandma also knitted those beautiful blankets. One for each child. Tiger claimed three of them.



Hobby Lobby had a big sale on their metal decor a few weeks ago, so I basically cleared out the baseball section.



All of the decorations are from Hobby Lobby, with just a few exceptions, although not all from this year. The baseball drawer pulls are from Michaels. The dresser is from IKEA.


I'm looking forward to many baseball loving summers with these kids!


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Elizabeth Ann

** Photo credit for the tball pics goes to my buddy Melanie Dixon! If you're local, look her up for your next kid photo session, she is awesome!