at peace

I spent all last week pealing wallpaper from the walls of our new (to us) house. Every wall with the exception of one room had at least a border of wallpaper. I have never had the *ahem* privilege of dealing with wallpaper before last week. Most of the paper came off pretty easily but there was one wall in Monkey's soon-to-be room that gave me all kinds of trouble. photo 1 I spent four hours on that wall picking one inch pieces off at a time, often taking layers of drywall with it. Then came the entryway, same sad story.

photo 2

Slow going and a torn up wall after hours of tedious work. Needless to say, I was feeling a little fried after those days of pick, pick, picking. I was even seeing wallpaper when I closed my eyes to go to sleep. Sheets of wallpaper flying off the walls. No lie! Early Friday morning I was still feeling on edge. I sat down with my coffee and Bible needing a fresh word from him before the day began. I opened to Romans 5 and didn't even make it past verse one before being confronted with a life-giving, wake you up kind of truth.

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1


We all know what it is like to not be at peace. Whether it is with our husbands, our children, our boss or coworker, our hair.... even wallpaper. That gut wrenching uneasy feeling you get when confronted with the peace killer- you know what I'm talking about.  Let's be honest for a moment and admit that sometimes the peace-killer is us. Sometimes I am not at peace with my husband from no fault of his at all, but because of my sinful attitude. My tendency when I am not at peace is to go directly to the person and calmly explain how I am feeling. Ask forgiveness and pray for grace...... well actually it looks more like this. Run and hide, give mean looks, avoid at all costs because I don't want to face my guilt and shame head on. I don't want to apologize, I don't want to forgive. And sin heaps on sin heaps on until I finally humble myself and admit once again that my ways are never going to be the right ways.

With God, the peace killer is always us. He has never, not ever done anything wrong. It is us, our fault, our sin, our walls that we put up, our distance that causes us to want to run and hide to avoid the unpleasantness of being in the same room as someone we are not at peace with. But God's word tell me that I am at peace with God. At peace. Do I deserve to be? No, never. But God has done something amazing through our Lord Jesus Christ. He has made a way for us to be at peace with him. No more running and hiding, no more guilt and shame, no more wishing I had been better or done more or said the right thing. I am at peace with him. Think about how that Father looks on his Son. With pure love and affection, never are they not at peace with one another. If you have faith in Jesus, you hold this standing with the Father as well. Never are you out of peace with him because when He looks on you He sees his son.


photo 3    photo 4

I did not want to enter into my house one more time after the wallpaper week. I was not at peace with it. How could I love it while I was tearing it to pieces. How can the Father be at peace with me with all the sin and ugliness covering the walls of my heart? He can because I have been justified by faith in his son. What an amazingly comforting thought. For a girl who hates confrontation and tends to run and hide, I never have to run and hide again knowing that me title as peace-killer has been erased forever.

This truth stirs my love for Him, causing me to speak his name in full assurance of the love he has for me and in thankfulness for the peace he has lavished on me. Won't you dwell in this amazing peace with me today?