Oh Happy Day

A late night and an early alarm. Rushed preparations, forgotten traditions, impatience, hurt feeling, selfishness, meaningless cartoons and too much sugar. Not what you would hope for on Easter Sunday morning. What does the truth of the resurrection mean in light of the fact that I cannot even bring my best one day a year? It means everything.


It means that I am not required to be anything at all. Christ lives so that I can stop striving. He has done it! He has covered my worst and even my best {which wouldn't be good enough, either} with his own blood and upon raising from the dead proclaimed that death and sin and failures and darkness have no power over him. And if I hide in him, they have no power over me either.


Do I want to bring my best? Desperately. Do I think He is worthy of it? And so much more. Does the "best" that I try to bring line up with the "best" that He requires? Hardly ever.


Well dressed, well behave children, a perfect Sunday School lesson and a harmonious marriage are all good things, but in themselves offer nothing to the Father. The Father delights in the Son. So abide in the Son.


A heart that recognizes sinfulness and runs to the cross is what I can offer to the Father. So that's what I'll do today. With every breath thanking him that I don't have to be enough. That Jesus did that for me.  And so I can be happy and joy can abound in full assurance that I am loved and accepted based on the life laid down and raised up.


Listen to this song and praise God with me for all he has done and what he will bring to completion.

Oh Happy Day!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKIpKKveiwg]