My friend is moving {and I'm sad}

I couldn't figure out what to call this post. I couldn't make myself write the words, good-bye. It's too raw.  

Our first friends here became our best friends here. They pursued our friendship relentlessly from the very beginning, which I am so grateful for. They challenged our worldview and faith system and together as two families, we grew together.


Our kids are best friends, having spent close to 2,000 days together. Our husbands are the closest friends, which is hard to find. We have been together through eight pregnancies and five babies. We have taught each others' kids in Sunday school and music. We have served together for the cause of Christ in our church and community. We have encouraged each other in boldness and humility, in truth and with laughter.


And now this chapter is ending and a new one beginning.


It is so hard to see them move on, but I am confident that he who began a good work in them, and in our friendship, will carry it on to completion! Life here will look much, much different for our family, I feel as though part of me is moving with them. But I am excited for what this move heans for them and for the Kingdom of God. He knows the plans he has for us. Plan to prosper us and not to harm us. To give us a future and a hope.

We need to trust the plan.


I never could have guessed the friendship that was in store for me when I moved to central, Kansas. But God knew. He had planned it long ago. Such grace has been poured out on me through this friendship and this family.


So it is with gratitude that I thank our Father for these fruitful years and look into the future with hopeful expectancy of all he still has in store.

On Sunday afternoon our church family gathered to celebrate this family at a windy Kansas picnic. My friends said that it didn't seem real to them that they were actually leaving, taking this step of faith into a new, sometimes scary chapter of their lives, until this picnic.

If I could just say one thing to them it would be thank you for being the closest thing to family we have had here, for encouraging, challenging, laughing, praying, and doing life with us for the last 6 years. We love you and send you off with prayer and thanksgiving {and maybe a few tears}.

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I came across a blog post just a few days ago that encouraged my heart greatly, and I hope it will yours too.

Truth is, godly people hold one another with an open hand. Godly people who are about the gospel say goodbye often, confident in our union together as the family of God and confident that we will celebrate again. We WILL see one another again at the marriage supper of the Lamb. We will be with God together. For all time.

But now, just for a little while, we have little time to waste. The Great Commission overrides any attempts to build our own little castle of community we want to rule over. God is so much greater. We're called to hold one another with an open hand. This is the legacy of disciple-making into which the first disciples were called—a call that still resounds.

It still resounds.

We are part of an ages-old, ongoing, epic work of the Creator God, Whose image we bear, who is transforming us still by His work in Christ through our Christian community. It says something about who we are as the body of Christ that we have said many gospel goodbyes. Christians living rightly consistently say goodbye.

No one in our lives is with us constantly, save for the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit.

It is in this that we trust, as we say our goodbyes with great hope.

Read the rest HERE.