Spring Break {and the giveaway winner!}

It's spring break this week so I get my girlie all week! Already I've been flooded with questions on what we can do. So we decided to make a list of things they would like to see happen this week.  

They came up with:

picnic in the park

flying kites

roller skating (They got free passes from school)

craft projects

Exploration Place in Wichita (our special spring break treat)

bake cookies


Sounds like a pretty busy week to me. We'd better get started!


Last week we were wearing this.


And now we are back to this. There's no snow, but we did break out the heavy coats again Saturday morning... sigh.


This weekend was the first in a looooong time that our family did not have anything scheduled. Not.One.Thing. And it was awesome. We did a lot of basketball watching and bike riding. Guess who learned to ride his bike with no training wheels?!

this guy [youtube=http://youtu.be/74hEvhyvcas] Have you heard of a balance bike? It is a bike with no pedals that the kids just scoots along with his feet. After a while they get to going really fast. The idea is that they will then be able to transition to a bike with no training wheels because they have already mastered the hardest part of riding a bike, balance. And it worked! I ran with Bear two times when he told me to let go and he was off! I wish I had used a balance bike for Monkey it seemed like I had to run behind her holding onto her bike seat for miles before she got the hang of riding on her own.


We normally have donut day on Saturdays, but this week I decided to make our family favorite, Pioneer Woman Baked Cinnamon French Toast. It is yummy. You should make it. The Dude had let me sleep in, so breakfast was a bit later than usual. Soon, the smell of breakfast began to waft downstairs where the early risers were watching cartoons. I was taking some time in the Word when I heard a set of Bear feet sneaking upstairs whispering to himself, "nice, tasty breakfast." Haha! That kid loves breakfast food.

The Dude was there too {he's the one who took the picture} but he does not approve of early morning pictures of himself. I am trying to embrace the camera and get in the shot with my kids more so they can have memories of what I looked like early on in their lives. Flattering or not, I think it's important!


On Saturday afternoon while Tiger and The Dude were still napping I declared reading time and dug into this book while Monkey read to her brothers for 35 minutes! Boy, am I thankful for that girl. And for those boys who will sit so nicely and listen to their sister. And for a pastor who blesses me with many, many books.



Here I am embracing the camera again. Hair still up and no makeup, but at least I am out of my jammies!

Then we hit the town shopping around for flooring for our new house!




Oh, and I didn't forget about the Comforts from Romans giveaway! Sheila David, you lucky lady! Message me your email and I'll get in touch!