PSS Review: "God heals Naaman"

God heals Naaman Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-16

Target Age: 4-5 years

Focus: God offers salvation to all people. God is merciful and sovereign.

Opener: Cut large hearts out of construction paper and write a friendship action on each one (i.e., give a friend a high five, tell a friend 'Jesus loves you', smile at a friend....)

Laminate the cards if possible to save for future use. Place the cards face down on the floor. As the children arrive have them stand in a circle around the hearts. Each child takes turn picking up a heart and the whole group does the action.

Lesson: I read the lesson from the Gospel Storybook Bible. Here are the key points. (If you use these points, I recommend printing them out and placing the paper in your Bible so the kids know this is God's word!)

- Naaman was a general for the army of the kingdom of Syria. He was a very important man. But he had a big problem. He had leprosy. (Explain what leprosy was and that they had no cure for it.)

- Naaman had a little girl living in his house who was from Israel. She told Naaman that he should go see the prophet Elisha in Israel. Elisha would pray to God on Naaman's behalf and he would be able to heal him from his leprosy.

- Naaman prepared to go to Israel and speak with the king of Israel. He took a lot of money to pay Elisha for his healing.

- When Naaman arrived in Israel and went to the king the king of Israel thought it was a trick. He thought the general of the enemy army was coming to start a war! So he sent Naaman straight to Elisha's house.

- When Elisha heard that Naaman was coming, he sent a servant out to tell Naaman that God would heal his leprosy if he would wash 7 times in the Jordan river.

- Naaman was very irritated. He thought he was going to meet with the king. After all, he was a very important person.

- Naaman decided we was not going to do what Elisha said. But one of his servants convinced him to do it and so he did.

- And guess what?!? Naaman's leprosy went away! God healed Naaman!

- After that, Naaman believed in od and said "There is no God in all the earth but Israel."

Where is Jesus in this story?

In the new testament, Jesus told the story of Naaman. He used this story to tell people that not only people who were in Abraham's family (Israelites/Jews) were able to benefit from the promise of eternal life through Him. Jesus has people in his family from every nation!


Every nation explanation

Bring a globe or large map and perhaps photos of children from different parts of the world. Point to the United States (if that's where you live) on the globe or map and explain that this is our 'nation'. Explain that there are many nations all over the world filled with people who may look, act, and speak differently than us. But that's great, because God created them and loves them, and the message of salvation is for them, too! Take turns spinning the globe or pointing to different countries and talking a little bit about that country. (If you don't know anything about the country, say that!) And then repeat again that Jesus died for people in this nation and they will be part of his forever family if they trust in him!

Then say but some of theses nations have never even heard the name of Jesus before. They don't know about him or what he has done for them. How will they every believe if they don't know?

One little girl in my class jumped up and said Someone has to tell them!!!



This week we started preparing our hearts for Easter. So we made playdoh to create tombs for Jesus. But if this lesson does not fall around Easter for you, you could  water color paint. As the children paint ask if they remember the part about water in the story today and see if they can tell you about Naaman washing in the Jordan river.