PSS Review {God chooses Solomon to Build a Temple}

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28, 29:1-19; 2 Chronicles 6:12-18Target Age: 4-5 Years old Focus: God is sovereign over his temple

Lesson: We read from the Gospel Storybook Bible. Here are the key highlights:

- David wanted to build a house for God. But God did not want him to, he told David that his son Solomon would build him a house.

- David collected the materials and told Solomon to serve God with all of his heart and mind.

- After David died, Solomon built the temple for God. It was modeled after the tabernacle and had a special room inside called the Most Holy Place for the ark of the covenant.

- When the temple was completed, Solomon prayed and fire came down from heaven and the glory of God filled the temple.

Where is Jesus in this story?

- The temple that Solomon built was very special and beautiful, no one could believe how wonderful it was. But God does not dwell in the temple anymore. In fact, the temple was destroyed thousands of years ago. So where does God dwell now? The Bible says that he has built a temple out of people!

- Everyone who trusts in Jesus becomes a part of God's temple and his Spirit lives inside of them! Are hearts are like the Most Holy Place!

Activities: Building Blocks: Build a temple with building blocks together. Make sure to leave a room for the Most Holy Place and put a gold box inside for the ark of the covenant. Shine a flashlight down into the temple to illustrate how the glory of the Lord filled The temple.   First they wanted to each make their own. This sweet little one decided to use a globe piggy bank for her ark of the covenant. :)


Lots of different temple interpretations in this room.

Then we decided to work together. Some were more happy about that than others.

photo (1)

Craft Option 1: Scratch art.

Supplies: scratch art kit such as the one pictured above, people stencils {one boy and one girl}, a wooden skewer for each child for scratching the paper.

Have the boys place the boy stencil over their scratching paper and scratch off the black to reveal color. Have the girls do the same with the girl stencil. On the back or with the scratcher on the front write the phrase “I am God’s temple! {I Corinthians 3:16} I like this craft option because the pretty colors behind the black on the scratch paper remind me of the glory of the Lord filling the temple - and now our bodies are the temple. It's a cool thought. But we didn't actually do this one because I was running out of scratching paper...

Craft Option 2: Foam People

A few weeks ago I found this package of foam people on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I had the kids make people that looked like themselves. Then we glued them to paper and wrote, "I am God's temple!" 1 Corinthians 3:16 You could also use paper dolls, stencils, or just have them draw a picture of themselves!


This is my son. He's a goof ball.

Praying this lesson is a blessing to you!!


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