PSS Review {The Ark of God is Holy}

I wrestled with this lesson a little bit. I know the kids have heard about the ark of the covenant, but this story is different. It involves a person being struck dead by God when he touched the ark for what seems like a good reason. There are a lot of big themes here for adults, let alone preschoolers. But the reason this story is included in the curriculum is because it displays a character of God that is essential to understanding the gospel and our need for Christ. His holiness.What does it mean to say God is holy? That means that he is different from us. Completely pure and unique (NO ONE is like him - see 1 Samuel 2:2) So when we come across displays of God’s holiness in the Bible sometimes we might be surprised and it might seem strange to us, but that’s okay! When you don’t understand something about God, don’t run away and hide from him, ask him to help you know him more. This video really helped me to articulate holiness. {Our you can read the transcript HERE, which is what I did.} I hope it blesses you too.

[vimeo 67847916 w=500 h=281]

Pray: Father, help us to know you more through the study of your word. Give us confidence to come before you and ask you for understanding. Amen.

Preschool Sunday School {The Ark of God is Holy} Scripture: 2 Samuel 5-6 Focus: God’s holiness Target Age: 4-5 years old

Opener: Play an activity where you show the kids three thing that are alike and one thing that is different. For example: three balls and one banana. They identify the thing that is different. Repeat this several times. You can also print an activity sheet and have the children circle the object that is different. Check out this one from

Lesson: Do you know what I mean when I say God is holy? That means that he is different from us. Completely pure and unique (NO ONE is like him - see 1 Samuel 2:2) God has his people build a special box called The Ark of the Covenant. We will just call it The Ark. Another word for covenant is promise. God had promised the Israelites that he would always be with them and they would always be his people. The Ark was the place where God would come and be with the Israelites. So whenever the Israelites had the Ark with them, they knew God was with them too. One day, the King David was leading the Israelites into battle against some of their enemies and they were dancing and rejoicing in front of the Ark on their way because they knew that God was there and that was their way of worshipping him. The people who were carrying the Ark held it with two poles so that they would not touch it. Suddenly they hit a bump in the road and the Ark began to tip. A man named Uzzah held out his hand and touched the Ark so that it would not fall to the ground. God was angry that Uzzah touched the Ark and God struck him down so that he died right there next to the Ark. After this happened David was afraid of God and he left the Ark in a nearby house so that it wouldn’t be near him. God started to bless the house where David left the Ark, so David brought the Ark back into his house.

Discussion: What was special about the Ark? It is where God came and stayed with his people Why did God get angry when Uzzah reached out the keep the Ark from falling and touched it? God had made a rule that no one can touch the Ark because it is holy. That is why the people who carried it did so with poles. Uzzah was different from God, Uzzah was not holy. When Uzzah came close to God, who is holy it angered God because he cannot be near anything that is not holy. Are you holy like God or not holy like Uzzah? Not holy, like Uzzah What did David do after Uzzah died? He put the Ark away from him because he was afraid of God. Where is Jesus in this story? So, like Uzzah, we can’t get near God either, can we? But God wants to be close to us, so he made a way for people who are unholy to come close to God who is holy. He sent his Son to earth. Was Jesus unholy like Uzzah or holy like God? Holy like God. When Jesus died on the cross he took our unholiness and gave us his holiness so that we can be close to God. Jesus died for our unholiness just like Uzzah died. What can we do when we don’t understand something about God? Draw near to him because of Jesus!

Activities: Worship Dance Party: We played Dave Crowder’s “Undignified” and danced around for Jesus! (See 2 Samuel 6:22)

Game: Memory. Make or bring a memory game. Add a card that says GOD. Take turns matching pictures and talk about how there would never be a match for God, he is all his own and nothing is like him!

Craft: Edible Ark (We didn’t actually do this, but I thought it was cute) ediblemishkanarkcookie