Into Marvelous Light

IMG_5230    This weekend I participated in a 5k race. This was the fourth race I have run in, but the first one after I started having babies over six years ago. There were a few difference in my race from then to now. First, I didn't train. At all. I take that back. I ran a quarter mile about a month ago... I just can't fit exercise into my life at this point. Probably for lack of trying. Give me a craft, or a blog, or baking cookies and I'll choose that over a long walk almost every day.  Also, I was not running alone. I had the Little Dude in a jogging stroller with two flat tires. Makes it a bit more challenging. I did have another running buddy, Lindsey, who kept me going. We ended up walking about half of the race and finished in 39.51. Not bad, considering my best time ever with training and without child, was 30.52.


The MOPS girlies


My church friends and family


I ran/walked with the Little Dude, my friend Kathy walked with Tiger and the boy in the middle is Monkey's best friend and he blew us all out of the water.


Just chillin at the finish line. No big thing. ;)


The big finishers with their medals!

We were blessed with the perfect November day, and it was for a great cause. The race is called the Love.Life.Run. and benefits Open Door Pregnancy Care Center in Hutchinson, Kansas. The center serves woman, men, and families all over the area in a crisis pregnancy situation. They offer counseling before, during, and after the women make their decision concerning their pregnancy. I have never personally been affected by an abortion, but I am close to those who have been and it is something that only Christ can redeem. The wonderful ladies at Open Door do just that, they open the door to women who make the choice to abort, and they counsel them with gospel of Jesus Christ. We all choose our own way, running from God, profaning His name, condoning what is evil. This is how we all live, until we become aware of the magnificent grace and forgiveness found in Jesus. We are deeply loved in our rebellious state. We are given new clothes, a new heart, and adopted as sons and daughters. Someone who has chosen an abortion is not beyond this grace. I love that Open Door is there to help these women see their need for Christ what is likely their most desperate, dark time of life.

Into marvelous light I'm running.

Out of darkness out of shame.

By the cross You are the Truth, You are the Light, You are the Way