PSS Review {Beautiful Feet}

Our church has been emphasizing missions for the past month, so to help the kids understand missions, missionaries, and why we need them, we have been focusing on an aspect of life that they can relate to each week. Week 1: Homes

Week 2: Hats

Week 3: Bread

Week 4: Shoes (this week)

Week 5: Tools

Today I will be reviewing our Shoes lesson. My co-teacher planned this lesson and I thought it was excellent. She really knows how to grab the kids attention and shares truths from the Bible clearly and effectively. I am so thankful for her!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Scripture: Romans 10:13-15

Book Resource: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes by Ann Morris

Target Age: 2-5 years

Focus: People everywhere need Jesus, but they won't know him unless someone tells them about him.

Preparations: Gather several interesting pairs of shoes. Work shoes, dance shoes, walking shoes, boots, sandals... you get the idea! Place them around the room on top of shoe boxes or cardboard boxes. Bring along a picture of missionaries, preferably ones that your church sponsors or that you know personally. But if you don't know any, search for images of David Brainerd or Amy Carmichael online to show to the kids during the lesson.

Lesson: Look at pages in the book Shoes, Shoes, Shoes together and talk about the different shoes that people are wearing. Why do they wear those particular shoes? How are they different or alike from the shoes you are wearing today?

Read Romans 10:13-15

Show pictures of missionaries and explain that these people are taking the good news to people who do not know him, so their feet are beautiful!

Open for discussion -

What is the good news that they are telling people?

Why did Jesus need to die for our sins?

What happened next? Did Jesus stay dead?

Say Together - Good News! Jesus is Alive!!

Pray and thank God for sending Jesus to save us from our sins, and for sending missionaries to tell people who don't know about him.


1. Decorate Sandals

Bring a pair of old sandals and some items to decorate them with. We used stickers so they could be removed and were easy and mess free for the little ones to handle.

Ask each child a question about the lesson and when they answer correctly they can have a sticker to decorate the sandal with.

When you are finished, recite Romans 10:15b.

2. Guess the shoes

Say "I'm thinking of some shoes." And start giving clues about what shoes you are thinking of for the kids to guess. Whoever guesses correctly goes and stands next to that pair of shoes.

My co-teacher took pictures of all the shoes she had on display before class so that if the child knew you were talking about boots, but couldn't find them in the classroom, she could show them a picture of the boot and have them match it.

Pray and thank God for loving kids all over the world in different shoes, and for loving us.

This lesson was so much fun and the kids really enjoyed seeing all different kinds of shoes!