Fabric wrapped clipboard picture holders {DIY}

Long title, easy project.


1. Rip some fabric strips so you have frayed ends.

2. Wrap around clipboard in random order overlapping slightly.


3. Hot glue ends on the back of the board.


4. Continue until the entire board is covered.

(I just a notch in my fabric for the spot where the clip attaches to the board at the top)


5. Clip on some pictures and hang on the wall. (Sorry for the fuzziness....)


This is my wall display.

Oh Glorious Day print from Brown Paper Packages

Chalkboard print from Gracelaced

Frames from Hobby Lobby

'W" from Hobby Lobby, wrapped in multicolored yarn

Baby picture is Monkey at 5 months old, seems like such a long time ago!

Crocheted doily made by my great-grandma