my neediness exposed by children in need

The Dude and I have been Compassion International sponsors since Monkey was born. With every child we add to our family, we add one to our Compassion family. As the kids grow older my hope is that they will take an interest in their "sibling" who came into our lives when they were born. I love Compassion because I feel confident that these kids are hearing the gospel on a regular basis. Amid all the turmoil and uncertainty that comes with living in a third world country, they can find hope in Jesus. {Which is the only place we in our first world country will find hope as well!}

My favorite part of Compassion is the letter writing. As a child I was pen pals with my grandma. We would compose handwritten letters and send them in the mail. I treasured each one of those letters and still have them. Not only is it fun to get mail addressed to you, but I feel like you get to know a person so much better when you see their handwriting. And there is something more personal about writing with a pen as opposed to typing on a computer or smart phone. You have to be more thoughtful and intentional about what is written down and sent off.

The people at Compassion International encourage sponsors to write letters to their children on a regular basis. We shoot for once a month. They say that the letters are very encouraging to the kids and they are blessed greatly knowing that someone in America is thinking of them, praying for them, and taking time out of their schedule to connect with them. So we have been setting aside time on the 1st of every month to write letters and draw pictures for our friends. While we color and write we talk about them, their country, and how Jesus loves them and wants them to trust in him.

I pray that my letters are a blessing to these children, but what I know is how much I have been blessed by the letters I am receiving back. In particular, from our newest child, the one that we sponsored in honor of Tiger's birth.

This boy, I'll call him Andrew, has made a profound impact on my life and I have only received two letters from him. He is an exceptional artist and writes beautiful letters. The content exposes the fact that he is all boy. Loving sports, spending time with his dad, and math. But I can also hear his heart, his compassion, his drive, his joy.

compassion letter

Letters from these children bless me with catching a glimpse of how our God loves children all over the world. Truly loves them. Blesses them with talents and hearts that care for others when they themselves are suffering. Andrew's letters spur me on to joy and gratitude.

It encourages me to know that these children are praising the name of Jesus in places scary, strange, and unknown to most of us. They live in conditions that would bring most of us to tears, and they face it with courage knowing the greater promise that they have been given through Christ. The needs of Andrew today are greater than my needs will likely ever be, but I am needy for other things. For a heart wholly dependent and trusting in Jesus. For a soul that cries out in thanksgiving for all he has saved me from. For courage to look at this world and turn my back on everything it has to offer in comparison to living fully for him.

Jesus has ransomed people for God from every tribe, language, people, and nation {Rev 5} and they are crying out to him with thanksgiving.

Praise God! And may his grace fall on us to do the same.