PSS Review {Everybody Eats Bread!}

The third lesson presented to the preschoolers during our missions month focused on bread. Everyone round the world eats bread for ultimately the same reason - so they won't be hungry.Focus: Bread can satisfy for a little while, but Jesus satisfies forever! Target Age: 2-5 years old Scripture: John 48, 51a Lesson Prep: Gather various types of bread such as baguette, tortilla, pita, bagel, sandwich style, naan, crackers, etc. and place them on a tray for the kids to see, smell, and touch. {All of these were available at my local grocery store}. Lesson Key points:

  • children everywhere eat bread
  • children all around the world eat different kinds of bread
  • they eat the bread when they feel hungry and after they eat, they are not hungry anymore
  • but they will get hungry soon and have to eat again
  • Read John 48, 51a
  • Jesus is the bread of life.
  • bread can help us for a little while, but Jesus can help us forever and ever.

Talk about what Jesus meant when he said "I am the Bread of Life." He satisfies in a way that no food can. If we trust in Jesus we are saved from our sins because he paid our punishment for them when he died on the cross. This is something that can never be taken away from us if we are his children. We then took the opportunity to explain the bread that is passed during the Lord's Supper and its significance. Activities:

Snack time - Let the kids eat some bread from the tray. Comment on how some breads are alike and some are different. Craft - Bake banana bread

Supplies - banana bread recipe and ingredients, disposable mini bread pan for each child, bowls and mixing spoons, measuring cups, etc. Find a simple recipe for banana bread {we used this one} and have the kids help you make some. They each smashed the bananas and then added one ingredient. They took turns stirring the mixture and then filled their own bread pans. We baked the bread for them during 'big church' and they were ready for the kids to take home! It was a huge hit!

Coloring sheet - I found some great coloring sheets and wordfinds focusing of Jesus, the Bread of Life, from Mission Arlington. {Which incidentally is an amazing ministry in Texas and a great resources for children.} **To download the complete lesson series Kids Around the World by Karen Hardin visit HERE.