A Beautiful Mess

I've been hearing that phrase a lot lately. A Beautiful Mess. It really sums up motherhood quite nicely. All the little messes in our lives are so beautiful because of the little blessings that make the messes. Here is a day in the life of my messes:

6:30 am - soggy rice Krispees stuck to the bottom of my feet
7:45 am - wrestling my wild hair into a braid as I walk my oldest into kindergarten with my younger three Barefoot, Bedhead and PJs straggling behind
9 am - desperate for coffee, spill my first cup, take 2
11:30 am - chocolate milk mustaches, ham and cheese hats, cheet-o mittens
12:30 pm - is it naptime yet?
1 pm - fill the laundry baskets, wash the dishes, prep for dinner, brew more coffee... at least it's quiet
3 pm - the whole crew is back together. noise, chaos, running, jumping until supper
5 pm - mommy can I have bread? mommy can I have milk? mommy can I have a fork? mommy can I have more?
7 pm - tidal wave hits during bath time, break out extra towels from the dirty clothes hamper
8:30 pm - quiet, rubbing backs, telling stories, praying, smiling, kissing
It's messy, but oh so beautiful!

Embrace your beautiful mess. Intentionally choose gratitude instead of frustration, smiles instead of exasperation, make a mess yourself once in a while instead of always cleaning them up. That's sure to bring a smile to little faces :).

Friday morning I begin a new adventure called Leadership. I have never really been a leader of anything formal before. But beginning this Friday morning at 9 am my best friend and I will lead the MOPS {Mothers of Preschoolers} group in our town. We have been working together all summer praying, planning, inviting, and scheduling in hopes that we can be a part of something God has been bringing about in us and in our group.

We are completely incapable in and of ourselves to make this group anything more than a mess. But God makes messes beautiful all the time. It is our hope, our prayer, that we will speak his name boldly in word and action and that His name will be great among moms of young children in our town.

The theme for MOPS {on an international scale} is... you guessed, A Beautiful Mess.


If you don't know what MOPS is, or would like to join a group visit www.mops.org

If you live in Hutchinson, KS and would like to join our group we would LOVE to have you! Please visit www.hutchmops.com or join our Facebook group 'Hutchinson MOPS'