PSS Review {Homes Around the World}

The preschool Sunday school classes combined forces this week to focus on missions. The 5 week curriculum written by Karen Hardin focuses each week on a different aspect of life relatable to small children. This week they learned about homes around the world. We talked about the types of homes that we live in and compared them with homes that other children around the world live in.

Children this age (5 and under) typically have limited experience with life different from their own. But when we mentioned Thailand, one little girl perked up and said, "I know someone from Thailand!" It so happens that her family is hosting an international student from the local Catholic school for a semester. In fact, several families from our church are hosting students. What an amazing way God is preparing the children to understand missions!

Back to Sunday school. Since the curriculum we are using is available for purchase, I will not be outlining the entire lesson, just summarizing it and sharing the activities that we added.

Homes Around the World

Scripture: Isaiah 66:1-2, Mark 16:15

Target Age: 2-5 years

Focus: God desires to live in our hearts

Lesson: Introduce the children to different types of homes around the world. Talk about their homes and the features there-in. (Four walls, hard floor, windows, doors, roof...).

Now we know where we live and we know where other children around the world live, but where does God live? (Read Isaiah 66:1-2)

God is soooooo big! He lives in heaven and puts his feet on the earth! But even though God is big, He wants to live in our hearts. When we believe in Jesus and that he saved us from our sins on the cross, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us!

Discuss with the class that there are children in some of those homes who have never heard the names of Jesus.

It makes us very happy to praise Jesus. It is sad that those children cannot praise Jesus because they do not know him.

Children all over the world need to hear about Jesus so they can praise his name! (Share Mark 16:15)


Pretend Play - We brought a tee-pee and a crawl through tent to pretend we were in different types of homes. We cooked in them, cleaned them, and slept in them :). If you don't have anything ready-made, you can always bring a few sheets and clothespins and fashion your own, or use large building blocks. Have the kids help decide what the house should look like, what features it should have and why.

Lincoln Logs - Set up a center for Lincoln Logs. These toys are great and easy for little hands to maneuver. Work together to build a log cabin and talk about why people would use logs to build houses!



Playdough - Let the kids work with playdough to make different houses. Try igloos first :)


Mark 16:15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Our kids will be working on memorizing this passage as the month goes on.

As you work through these activities with the kids, reiterate that God wants kids in different types of homes all over the world to know his son, Jesus.

**To purchase the curriculum used in this lesson, visit HERE.