PSS Review {God calls Gideon}

{God Calls Gideon and Destroys the Alter of Baal}  

Scripture: Judges 6

Target Age: 4-5 years

Focus: God will not share His glory with another. He alone is to be worshipped. {Joshua 6-25-27}

God is the one true God.



After Joshua led God’s people into Jericho, God used him to lead them to many more victories. But after Joshua died, God’s people disobeyed God. They started worshipping the false Gods of the people who were living in the lands they were conquering.

{Hold us a stuffed animal. Say “Wow! I like this doll a lot. In fact, I like it better than anything else, so I will call it ‘god’. That’s kind of silly, isn’t it.”}


A lot of people used to make things out of metal or wood and act towards it as if it were God. They would boy down to it, pray to it, and offer sacrifices to it! That is what Israel was doing. It is called worshipping idols.

So God called a man named Gideon to tear down the places where God’s people worshiped an idol called Baal. Gideon was afraid, but he trusted God and obeyed him. People saw what Gideon had done and wanted to kill him. But his father said, leave him alone. If this was a true God, let him defend himself. But nothing happened to Gideon, because Baal was not a true God. He was made out of wood and metal!

When God’s people turn away from him, the one all-powerful God, and worship idols, the Lord will not stand for it. He is the only one in all the world that is worthy to be worshipped.


Where is Jesus in this Story?

Even though Israel turned away from God and sinned, God gave them Gideon to help them turn from their ways. Israel did not deserve to be rescued. God did it because he loved them. And God sent Jesus to save us, even though we are sinners who disobey God like Israel did.




Hide and Seek: Say Gideon was a man who was afraid of the people living in his land. They were being mean to God’s people and so Gideon was hiding by living in a cave. The Lord found him there and told him to be brave.

Play Hide and Seek around the room with the kids. Take turns being Gideons {the hiders} and The Lord {the seeker}.


The Wool Game:  Fleece comes from sheep so play this fun game with smaller kids. Have the children stand in a circle. Have one child sit in the center and blindfold him/her. Have the children walk around the circle until the blindfolded child says “stop.” Now he points to a “sheep” who must “baa” like a sheep.

The blindfolded child must try to guess who is “baaing.” If he is right, the two will switch places. If he is wrong, he will get another chance to see who is “baaing.

The kids absolutely loved this game and didn’t want to stop playing!




Who do we worship? The One true God!

Write that phrase at the bottom of a blank sheet of craft paper. Have the kids draw pictures showing how they can worship God.

Talk about singing, praying, listening to Bible stories, talking about Jesus,…


Pray: Thank God for each child by name and thank God for sending Jesus to save them from their sins.