A Very Hungry Birthday Party {Tiger's First Birthday}

Full discloser, this happened almost a month ago. But, better late than never! Tiger is my fourth child to turn one. I love celebrating my kids' birthdays. They are in no way those fancy, decked out, perfectly catered and tablescaped parties you see on Pinterest. But they are more elaborate than my kids care about. Birthdays, especially the first, are a celebration for the parents, too. A step in the direction of less diapers, less nursing, less teething, less sleepless nights... not that you have arrived, but you are on your way. They also serve as a reminder of that first year, whether it seemed long or short, blissful or trying.

2013-07-28 13.14.58

Monkey's first birthday didn't have a theme. Just colors, purple and green. Her colors that I chose for her when she was born. She has since upgraded to pink, all pink, any shade of pink.

Bear's birthday lands around Memorial day, so we had a backyard pool party for him. Complete with a hotdog cookout, sand castle competition, and slip and slide.

The Little Dude celebrated surrounded by airplanes.

And after every one of those parties I thought Oh! I should have done a Hungry Caterpillar party! Then I promptly forget.

2013-07-28 13.16.03

Not this time! I finally got my Hungry Caterpillar party. The book by Eric Carle has been a favorite in our house since before Monkey was born, it is well loved and falling apart. So my bigger kids could really get into the party.

My mom and I made the cake a couple days before. We fashioned all the pieces out of fondant. It was a fun. late night activity with my mom.

2013-07-27 10.55.20

I made Tiger a special smash cake because he has a milk allergy. I've been wanting to attempt a rainbow cake. Turned out pretty cool, and delicious. {I liked it better than the real cake!}

2013-07-27 07.26.35      2013-07-28 13.13.54

That cute little shirt he is wearing was made by my mom. She created the design on the computer and ironed them onto onesies. She made several, which was awesome, because he had to change several times throughout the day.

The Party

2013-07-27 10.56.30

I started the party by reading the book. Then the kids helped me retell the story using felt pieces. My mom has a friend who made this for us for $10!! She could probably sell these for four times that. The kids had so much fun retelling the story, although we had to pause several times to remind them to wait their turn and share.

2013-07-27 10.56.20   2013-07-27 10.56.05

Then we had lunch {Subway party trays, chips, cake and icecream}.

The kids did a little craft after lunch. They painted caterpillars with toilet paper tubes. Put some green paint on a plate, dip the end of a tube in it and stamp the paint on your paper creating a circle. Repeat, connecting the circles in a line as you go. Draw on a face and you have a happy little caterpillar.

2013-07-27 12.34.15

The plan was to play the Very Hungry Caterpillar board game, but some of the kids were starting to get tired, so we wound down the party with the Very Hungry Caterpillar movie. You can find it on Netflix.

And that was it.

Fun, cute, simple. You can find a million Very Hungry Caterpillar ideas on Pinterest. If you want to check out my board where I saved all of my inspiration, follow me on Pinterest @ElizabethAnn@gracefullhome.

What are some of your favorite parties you have thrown for your kids? Do you go elaborate or simple? Share some comments and if you have a party board on Pinterest I would love to see it, leave you handle in the comments!