Teaching them to say "I Can't"

 2013-07-07 08.31.45So much of what I do as a mom is trying to get my kids to behave in a certain way.

Obey me.

Use kind words.

Have self-control.

Love your brother.

Think about others before yourself.

These are all things that we need to do, all good things. They are things that the Bible requires of us and therefore we should be striving toward them every day.

But we will never be able to do them.

Sure, at times we will be better than others. But ultimately, we will fail.

Just yesterday {a particularly trying day with my oldest son and I} I called him to obey, to have a joyful heart, to be kind; the whole time thinking I am just setting him up for failure, he will never be able to do what I am asking of him.

Because I can't even do what I am asking of him. Even in my calling him to obey I am probably thinking of myself before him. Looking to my own interests.

2013-07-07 08.34.21

So why do I ask them to obey when clearly the answer they could throw back at me is "Mom, I want to, but I can't!"

It's the same reason God gave the law. After just one day of trying our best it is glaringly obvious that we will never measure up.

We can't.

Enter Jesus. The One who could.

Since in life and death Jesus fully met God's requirement, there is nothing you have to do today to gain his attention or affection.(Paul David Tripp)

In fact there is nothing you could do to gain any more affection from God then what you already have in Christ. If you have placed your trust, your life, your everything in Jesus you are hidden behind him. God doesn't see your good works {which are filthy rags btw}, He sees Jesus' perfect record.

And then you get this cool thing called the Holy Spirit, and he transforms you day by day so that you have more victories in those good things, those things that are required of us.

So teach your kids to say "I can't". And teach yourself to say it as well. Because the sooner we realize that we can't do it on our own, the faster we will run to hide behind the One who can, and did.

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