PSS Review {God proves Himself Powerful and Faithful}

God Proves Himself Powerful and Faithful

Scripture: Numbers 11-12

Age Group: 4-5 years old

Focus: The overall focus of this lesson is to get the kids to realize a few things about God that they may not know. Namely, God is free to punish and to act as He pleases without sin because He is God. To complain against things God has brought into our lives is to complain against God. God is powerful, and God's word is true (Numbers 11:23). Now this is a lot to focus on, so you can pick one of these themes, but since this lesson ties in with last week I will tell basically the same story, just highlighting the attributes of God that are showcased in it. I did this by asking questions along the way.


God's people were hungry for meat, so they were complaining. Had God given them everything they needed? (Yes)

Well God gave them meat. So much meat in fact that they were sick of it. He did this to teach them a lesson to not complain.

While the people were eating the meat, He sent a plague and many of the people died. Was it okay for God to kill the people who were complaining? (Yes. God is Just. That means He punishes the guilty. These people as sinned against God, so He punished their sin. The Bible says the punishment for sin is death - Romans 6:23)

God also used the punishment of the plague to cause the other people to repent. Do you know what repent means? (It means to realize that you are a sinner, ask God for forgiveness, and ask God to change you so you don't sin anymore).

There is one more part of this story that we didn't talk about last week.

Moses has a sister named Miriam. She became jealous of Moses because God talked with Moses. How did God talk with Moses? In a dream? (No) In a vision? (No) Face to face? (Yes) God spoke with Moses like no one else and this made Miriam jealous.

So she started to complain.


Miriam is sinning against God. She is complaining about the man that God himself chose to lead Israel, so she is complaining against God. Do you think God will let this slide and not punish Miriam's sin? (No, God is just. He will punish sin.)

God came down to Moses and Miriam and gave Miriam leprosy. (Leprosy is a skin sickness that makes your sick fall off. It is very ouchy and most of the time you die.)

Moses prayed for his sister, that she would not die. God heard Moses' prayer and after 7 days, He healed Miriam.

Where is Jesus in this story?

We talked a lot today about how God is JUST. That means that He is right to punish sin. Does anyone remember what the punishment for sin is? (Death).

Do you sin? (Yes).

Well, then why don't you die when you sin? Did God stop punishing sin with death?

No, God decided to show us great mercy and instead of killing all the people on the earth for sinning, he punished all sin with one person dying.

Jesus died for the sins of those who trust in him.

People who do not trust in God will still be punished for their sins, but people who trust in Jesus will not be punished, they will live forever in heaven with God!

Memory Verse: For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23


Act it out

Allow the kids to dress up like Bible characters. Appoint someone to be Moses and Miriam and let the rest be Israelites. (You could also cut out large clouds from poster board and let the child who holds them be the voice of God. Help them recall different aspects of the story and act them out.


Hot potato

Play hot potato. Whoever is left with the potato when they music stops answers a question about the lesson.


Supplies: Craft paper, scissors, glue sticks, tissue paper, verse cards with Romans 6:23 on them

Have a large piece of craft paper for each child for the background of their picture. They will also need a square of tissue paper, and the following shapes in various colors of craft paper - large square, 2 long rectangles, small square. They are going to assemble a gift with you step-by-step.


Step one. Glue their tissue paper toward the top half of the large paper.

Step two. Glue the large square over the bottom part of the tissue paper.

Step three. Glue the rectangles onto the square to make it look like a gift.

Step three. Glue the small square near the large square, but not touching it.

Step four. Have them write on the small square like a gift tag From God To You. And draw a line from the Big square to the small square like a string.

Step five. Paste on the verse card

I hope this lesson helps you love on your kiddos by sharing with them the message of grace through Jesus Christ!

Elizabeth Ann