Front porch painting {Part 2}

We painted on our front porch again yesterday. If you're wondering why, go check out {Part 1}. The post as nothing to do with me being certifiably insane, although you might think differently after today's post. Seeing as how Thursday is July 4th, I was itching to do some patriotic crafting. I almost always have blank canvases lying around, so I grabbed a few today and did my version of something that has been floating around Pinterest.

It's easier just to show you that to explain.... but basically they just used their hands and feet dipped in paint to created stars and stripes on the canvases. Put them all together and voila, an American flag.... sorta. Even Tiger got in on the action. Sorry for the lack of action shots. I had four kids with painted hands and feet, so you can understand why :).



The problem came up in my mind as to how I was going to have them step in paint, step on a canvas, and not step on my porch because today we were using acrylic paint instead of washable. And we do not own smocks. What can I say? I like to live life dangerously.

I ran across a completely unrelated craft idea where an awesome, carefree mom let her kids step in paint and then run down the sidewalk on a piece of paper.

So naturally, I combined the two ideas into one incredible paint-a-palooza.

IMG_4182   IMG_4183


This was actually a lot of fun! When it was time to clean up I just squirted some dawn soap into their hands and turned on the hose. They commented on the pretty purple color that was made when the red and blue mixed together. {I see a messy lesson in primary and secondary colors forming in my mind.}

The kids tried their hardest to stay on the paper... well, two out of three did. I have some perfectly formed two-year-old foot prints on the porch which are stubbornly staying put despite intense scrubbing. But that's the risk I was taking all along. Like I said, I live dangerously.


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