A Tea Party over 500 Miles

I mentioned yesterday that my family lives far, far away. Sadly, my mom and dad are among the farthest. My mom turned 52 last week. She is young, vital, selfless, a true beauty! She is tough, a breast cancer survivor of over 20 years! I got my craftiness from her, and my busyness. And I hope to someday glean her compassion, prayerful lifestyle, and humility. Birthday's have always been a big deal for her. It means a lot to her when a friend remembers to call or send a card. I have to admit, our gift did not make it on time, but what it lacked in punctuality it made up for in sentimentality.

I wanted so badly to be with my mom on her birthday, but I knew I would have to settle for Skype. So I thought a tea party would be a fun way to get us all together.

First, I printed out some tea cup templates onto pretty paper and had the kids each color the back of one.


I attached a string and a small square of coordinating paper to resemble a tea bag. Then I wrote the words Happy Birthday Grandma. One word on each cup.

In her store bought card I invited her to a tea party via Skype with her grandkids. We went to the local coffee shop and bought 4 biscotti, and I threw in a pair of fancy earrings from my favorite boutique.


I sent the card, the tea cups, a bag of tea, one biscotti, and the earrings through the mail and waited. Mom was delighted when she received the gift and called right away to schedule her tea party. I told the kids we would need to dress up. Dressing up means something different in mom language than it does in preschool language evidently, because we ended up with a bride and two cowboys :). Mom wore her new earrings.


Tea began yesterday at four pm. They all sat so sweetly (for almost half an hour!!) and had wonderful conversation with grandma over tea (apple juice) and biscotti. It was fun for them all to have the same treat as grandma! The Little Dude even initiated a cheers and they all sang Happy Birthday.

The party got rave reviews from grandma! It was just a small way that we could make a connection.


What about you all? How do you stay connected with those close to your heart but far from your home?