Front porch painting {part 1}

We do this thing around here call No Screen-time Tuesday {NSTT}. It is well known among all the children that there will be no cartoons, no movies, no IPods, no Mobi-gos, not even educational computer games. Before you issue me the mother-of-the-year award, you should know that my kids watch A LOT of TV. They are the kind of TV watchers that no matter what is on they are sitting 3 feet from it eyes glued. So it is not on most of the day, but I would say on average they probably watch 2-4 hours

So there it is, our ugly truth. My kids like TV.

Anyway, No Screen-Time Tuesdays are great because my kids are in the routine now, so they just start playing. And they play all day long. With toys they don't otherwise touch. And they are nice to each other for the most part.

The hard thing about Tuesdays is that the house is a wreck and the noise level is deafening. I struggle to get dinner finished and laundry started. The Dude comes home to books, board games, and dress-up clothes strewn all over the house and I go to bed early because I am so wiped out.

So I've been thinking that if maybe I come up with an organized activity for at least part of the day, I can maintain my sanity and still reap the benefits of NSTT.

Thus Front Porch Painting {FPP} was born. Just kidding, I'm done with the initials. I just thought it was kind of funny that I am all of the sudden coming up with titles for everything. IMG_4078 

IMG_4079  IMG_4087


I've decided that the front porch is the best place to do painting around here. During these warm summer months it is shady and cool for most of the day. There is better lighting, and I don't have to clear a huge mess off of my kitchen table for the next meal. Win, win, win.

I just cut some paper off my roll of manila paper and taped them with painter's tape to the brick on the front of my house. I set out the paints, each with it's own brush so we don't have to do a lot of rinsing brushes and the paint stays nicer.

I said paint something you would find in nature.

Monkey painted a rainbow with a flower.

Bear painted a "long brown worm that is an earthworm, a small pink worm that is not an earthworm, and four bugs".

The Little Dude painted "green".

Tiger watched.





Clean up time!


We got some paint on our clothes, and the porch and even the brick, but it is all washable so no biggie. In fact, I just let my sprinkler do the work while watering the front yard this evening. Just turned the water pressure up a bit so it hit the porch :).

That was our activity for this morning. How do you keep everyone in your house entertained and beat the summer heat?