PSS Review: Israel Complains

Israel Complains Scripture: Numbers 11-12

Age group: 4-5 years

Focus: Man is sinful and unable to save himself

The people were ungrateful and they complained. They lacked faith in God.


God’s people {the Israelites} had been in the desert for a long time. God had given them manna to eat. Manna was a thin substance that came down with the dew in the morning. It looked like coriander seed and the people would mash it, boil it, and make cake out of it.

The people ate manna every day for a long, long time. It was the only thing they had to eat so they ate manna for breakfast, lunch, and supper. They started to get really sick of eating manna. They wanted meat to eat.

They started to remember that when they were back in Egypt they had all the fish they wanted, along with tasty fruits and vegetables. So they started to complain that they were not back in Egypt and that they didn’t have any meat to eat.

God became angry with the Israelites for complaining. He said that he would give them so much meat that it would come out of their noses! God was teaching them a lesson for complaining by giving them more meat than they wanted. And the people who had started all the grumbling by complaining were struck down by the Lord before they had even finished eating.

Where is Jesus in this story?

God had given the Israelites everything they needed. He had given them manna to eat and God himself was among them every day. But they still complained. It was not okay for them to complain. They should have been grateful for everything God had done for them.

The Bible says that God has given us everything we need. He has given us clothes, and food, and most importantly he has given us Jesus. But we still think about things we don’t have and complain about that. We need to remind ourselves of all the good things God has given us and give him thanks.


Game: The Desert Obstacle Course

Place items from around the room in some sort of a path for the children to follow.

For example: * Chairs to go around * A carpet square to step over * A chair to crawl under

Let the children know that the people of Israel complained while they were in the desert. They kept forgetting how God took care of them.

- Source

Craft: Sand Art

Supplies: Construction paper, liquid glue, multi-colored sand

Have the kids spread glue in any design they want on their paper. Place sand in bowls with spoons in the center of the table. Demonstrate how to spread sand onto the glue. Tilt the paper until talk the glue is covered, then dump the extra sand back into the bowl for someone else to use.

Remind the children that the Israelites had been in the desert for a long time, but God was still providing for them.

Write the memory verse on their papers.

Alternate craft: Sand Jars

Supplies: Colored sand, empty clear glass jars, hot glue gun, sharpie, funnel

Give each child a washed out clear glass jar with the words “give thanks” written on the outside.

Have them carefully pour sand through the funnel, one color at a time, into the jar until it is full. Fill it all the way to the top and press down a little on the top layer to try and pack down the sand a bit. sandart1 Hot glue the lid onto the jar. Remind the kids to be careful carrying their jars so they don’t get shaken up.


Although even with all the packing and gluing, the sand will still get mixed up a bit, but it still looks cool and they can still be reminded when they look at it that

~the desert is made of sand

~the Israelites were in the desert

~they complained and didn't trust God

~God told us in the Bible to always give thanks

Memory Verse:

1 Thessalonians 5:18

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Pray: Pray that God would give you and the children grateful hearts. Thank God for sending Jesus and for giving us everything we need.