Veggie Garden

It's been a while since I've written about my garden. Gardening is challenging, not something that comes very easy to me. Which is good. I'm convinced it is good to have something going on that challenges me. Not that mothering and keeping up the house and remaining joyful are not challenging to me. But I'm talking about something that requires work and research and learning something new.

My desire to be a successful gardener is akin to my desire to make homemade biscuits that don't resemble hockey pucks, and refinish a piece of vintage furniture. There is something in me that needs to create, to grow.

Every time I step out to the garden something surprises me, which is probably why I like it. There is always more to learn and always something to nurture. This is my second year to grow veggies in my small town back yard. Last year, The Dude built a raised bed for me and it has held up very well.

So here is a little tour of our garden.IMG_4033

These little guys will be pumpkins come September. It has been a long time request from The Dude that we grow our own pumpkins. These two sprouts are too close together so I will have to weed one out. It makes me kind of sad to thin seedlings....



The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen!! I ate one straight off the vine yesterday.


Hello pretty yellow cucumber flower!


This is my summer squash plant. The huge green leaves are awesome. However, ants are attacking my squash and have overtaken one. The Dude got me an awesome gardening book last year which is MIA at the moment or I would find a remedy. Any suggestions while I look for it? IMG_4042

Did you know if you let cilantro go to flower, it looks like this? I love seeing the flowering side of herbs and vegetables. I guess I never knew that they flowered at all until I started growing them. Makes sense though... perhaps if I had paid attention in 6th grade science. Sorry Mrs. Ortlof.


Ladybugs are everywhere right now. I like them.

The Little Dude has been indoctrinated to hate bugs by his big sister. So the first ladybug he came across this summer was promptly squished. Never have I witnessed such devastated children. Monkey and Bear shamed The Little Dude for making such a terrible mistake. Tears were shed by all. It was quite dramatic.


I think pepper plants are so cute. The ladybugs like them too.

When I was living in the dorms at college I had a little pepper plant that made me happy every time I looked at it. When the peppers started to die I picked them off and threw them away. Then I went over to the mirror to put in my contacts. I spent the rest of the morning crying and washing out my eyes. See, plants teach you things. Like wash your hands before you put in your contacts.


So I planted these strawberry plants last summer and have been looking forward to homegrown strawberries for about 18 months. Do you know how many I've seen?


And I'm pretty sure a squirrel ate it while I was in Dallas.

My guess is we over-mulched and under-watered over the winter. Maybe next summer.

Has anyone had much success with growing strawberries in containers? I'm about ready to snip off the runners and transplant them into planters so that I can bring them in and out in the winter. Thoughts?

We also planted lettuce which was harvested a few weeks ago and the pumpkins are now in its place. And there are green bell peppers in there as well.

So that's the garden!

Thanks for visiting today! Have great weekend!!

Elizabeth Ann