Four is kind of a big deal

He's been waiting for this day for a long time. 8af3cc88c6ea11e2842e22000a1fb2cc_7

Turning four means a lot of things in our house. At four you can miss a nap now and then, you can brush your own teeth in the morning and wash your own hair in the bathtub. You might even get to take an occasional shower. At four you get to move to a booster seat in the car and learn to tie your own shoes. Four year olds around here pour their own cereal and milk. Four is kind of a big deal.

But with all of the fun stuff comes some serious responsibility...


Like defending your family from the threat of fire-breathing dragons.

IMG_3689 IMG_3691

Of course, you get rewarded greatly for your sacrifice and bravery.



Party Details~

Invitations: Homemade by me. These were super simple and easy. I threw them together at the very last second. The party guests were al grandparents who already knew about the party, so these were really just a formality. But I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Decorations: All provided by my mom from  Bear thought it looked like a castle. He was excited to have a feast in his honor. I think he embraced his "king" role a little too fully when he started calling his grandparents servants.... stinker.

Dragon Piñata: Party City in San Antonio, TX

Wooden swords: Made by my talented father!