PSS Review {God Gives Israel 10 Commandments} Version 1

God Gives Israel 10 Commandments ++This particular lesson is focused for children who have not yet made a profession of faith in Jesus. If you have a child who has professed faith in Christ, you can use Version 2. {There will be a link up in the next few days to that lesson.}

Scripture: Exodus 19-20

Focus: We cannot approach God because we are sinners and He is holy. We need Jesus! {Can't get any better than that, huh?!?}


Instead of putting a lot of emphasis on the details of the 10 commandments at this time, I tried to focus on how and why He gave them to us. The goal is not to get the kids to try their very hardest at keep the commandments instilling fear that if they don't they will be punished, rather to help them realize they will never be able to keep God's law perfectly and so they need Jesus' perfect record imputed to them. 

Open your Bible to Exodus 19-20 and summarizing how and when God gave Moses and the Israelites the 10 commandments.

Or read from a gospel-centered children's Bible like The Jesus Storybook Bible or The Gospel Storybook Bible

Where is Jesus in this story?

  • Can you keep these laws? Never breaking even one of them? no
  • How about your mom or dad, or the pastor? no
  • Nobody can keep these laws all of the time (except for Jesus). We are all sinners.
  • Why couldn't the people touch the mountain where God was coming down? They would die because they were sinful and God is Holy. He cannot be around sin.
  • The Bible says the punishment for being  sinner is to die, do you know what that means? We would spend forever away from God.
  • God knew we were going to need rescuing from this punishment because He doesn't want to spend forever away from you, He loves you!
  • Where do we go to be saved from our sins? We go to God by trusting in his son, Jesus.
  • So God gave us these rules; and when we break them, God saves us from the punishment of forever and ever away from him.
  • So one reason God gave us these rules that he knew we would not be able to keep perfectly all the time is to help us realize that we need Jesus.


Game - Simon Says

Play several rousing games of Simon Says. When all the children are "out" remind them of how this is like God's law. Even if we try really hard we will never be able to keep the law all of the time, which means we are sinners. God knows this, and He sent Jesus to rescue us from the punishment that sin brings.

Craft - Free Draw

Give each child a large sheet of paper and crayons. Ask them to draw images from the story. You can remind them of the details of the story as they draw.


Ask God to help the children understand that they are sinners and to send the Holy Spirit to help them believe in Jesus, their rescuer. Thank God that He loves us.

Memory Verse:

2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.