PSS Review {The Lord delivers Israel from Amalek}

The Lord delivers Israel from Amelek

Scripture: Exodus 17:8-16

Focus: God is in total control all the time {He is sovereign}

Opener: Have the kids stand in a circle for a competition. Have them each hold both hands above their heads and see who can hold them there the longest. They cannot lower their arms or hold up one arm with the other hand or they are out and sit down until there is only one person left. Say, "In today's story we will learn about when Moses had to hold his hands up like this all night long!"


Open your Bible to Exodus and remind the kids that the Israelites are God's people and he has just helped them get out of Egypt, escape Pharoah, and has provided food and drink for them in the desert.

Now there was a man named Amalek who started to do battle against God's people. Have you ever had a battle with anyone with real swords or guns? No, but God's people were about to be in a real battle. Moses trusted God, so he told the people to not be afraid. He appointed Joshua as the leader of the army. The Israelite army went out to fight the Amalekites and Moses went up to the top of a hill with his staff to look down at the battle with his two friends Aaron and Hur.

Now we know that God is in control of everything, right? Well, when Moses lifted the staff above him head, God would cause the Israelites to win the battle. But when Moses' arms grew tired and he lowered them, the Amalekites started to win. Remember how hard it was for you to hold your arms above your head? Can you imagine having to do that all night long? Moses did not have the strength to keep his arms up, so his friends Aaron and Hur came beside him and held up Moses' arms. They kept Moses' arms up and Israel won the battle.

When Moses had his arms raised up to God he was saying with his body that God in in charge of the battle. He knew that Israel would not be able to win without God. When the battle was over Moses said, "The Lord is my Banner!" Which means The Lord fights for us! It was not Israel's strength that brought victory against the Amalekites, it was God's strength.

Where is Jesus in this story?

We are not fighting in a battle with swords and guns, but we are fighting in a battle against sin. Just like God helped Moses and the Israelites win their battle when they submitted to him, so God won our battle for us by sending Jesus to die for our sins. If we confess to God that we need Jesus to win our battle against sin for us, he will! It is not our strength that brings victory against sin, it is God's strength!


Craft: Battle shields

Supplies: Poster board, markers, tape or stapler

Before class cut a shield for each child out of poster board. I outlined a cross in the center of the shield and wrote "The Lord is my Banner!" In class allow the kids to color and decorate their shields. This was a big hit with my group! As they are coloring talk about what it means to say "The Lord is my Banner." This was our dialogue:

What does "The Lord is my Banner" mean? The Lord fights for us

What is our battle? sin

How did He fight for us against sin? By sending Jesus to die on the cross

Did he win the battle? Yes!

photo 1

photo 3
Check out their battle stances :)

After they are finished coloring, attach a strip of poster board to the back with tape or staples to make a handle. I used scotch tape and had to use quite a bit to make the handle stay in place.

Game: Battle Advance {from}

Supplies: A large stick or tree branch to act as a staff {remove any ouchy parts}

This game work just like Red Light-Green Light. Raise the staff above your head for green light and lower it for red light. I made the kids march like they were in battle instead of run. Whoever reached me first got to be Moses for the rest of us in the next round and we played until each kid had a turn with the staff.

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