A snapshot of our week

I took an unintentional week off from blogging last week, so here's a quick catch-up. Sunday


These lovely people moved into my house temporarily! The Dude's brother got his first grown-up job in our town! Yea for having family close and live-in friends and babysitters for a while!

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I had a super great Mother's Day. My man likes to spoil me. He took me to the Botanical gardens on the busiest day of the year and stayed cheerful the whole time ;).


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Continuing to work on my bedroom redo. My dear mother-in-law sent this dresser to me in the moving van. Started giving it a good sanding.

photo 5

Safety first!


photo 5

Tiger started to crawl!! He's into everything now and puts it all in his mouth, so I'm a little more stressed about the legos and army men than before.


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It is finally feeling like spring around here. I broke out the 'ole turtle sandbox. It provides endless dirty fun for kids of all ages.

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Tiger discovered grass and leaves taste delicious and strongly protested them being taken away.

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I discovered a fun new IPod App called A Beautiful Mess. Incidentally, you can follow me on Instagram. My name is eawood7.


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Bear graduated from his first year of preschool! I made his favorite chocolate cookies. He is turning in to such an awesome little boy. I'm super proud of how much he has grown up this year. His teacher asked all the kids throughout the year what they want to be when they grow up. Bear's was a pirate until I informed him that a pirate isn't a real job. So he changed it to "cook on a train, and to drive the train too". But at the program he quickly changed it to astronaut. At least he's keeping his options open. :)


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This was Monkey's graduation day. Her chosen profession is the same as last year, confidently and unwavering, a waitress.

I can't believe she'll be in Kindergarten next year. Feelings of excitement and trepidation rush over me when I think about it too much. What mad me saddest of all is that I looked around the room and realized not one of her sweet preschool friends will be going to her school next year. I will miss those faces and seeing their lovely moms every other morning as we shuffle about our busy schedules and exchange friendly smiles and short conversations. I know we'll both make more friends but I can't help picturing her growing up with the same girls she has grown so close to over the last two years.

That was our week last week. I hope you all feel caught up on our business now ;). It's just nice to sit down for a few minutes and reflect on all of the blessings we experienced the last week. God is so good to us. His steadfast love and mercy never ceases. He has been stirring in the hearts of our family in exciting way recently which I hope to share more about later, for now I'll just praise the Lord again and thank him for his kindness.

Have a lovely Monday!

Elizabeth Ann