PSS Review: God passes over Israel

God Passes Over Israel Scripture: Exodus 12-13

Focus: Man is a sinner and deserves punishment. Man cannot save himself. Man needs God.

Opening Activity: This lesson is a transition between our Easter lesson and getting back into Exodus. For Easter lessons we followed the Jesus Storybook Bible for 7 weeks, from the washing of the disciples' feet to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Transitioning with the Passover lesson fit in perfectly.

Print pictures from each of the Easter lessons.

  • Jesus washing the disciples' feet
  • Passover
  • The Garden of Gethsemane
  • The Crucifixion
  • The Resurrection
  • The Ascension
  • The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Mix up the pictures and have the kids work together to put them in order, briefly sum up each lesson in a sentence or two. Make sure as you are summarizing the Passover lesson that you call it "Passover" as opposed to the Lord's Supper, so you can draw the appropriate connections later in the lesson.


{Collect the following visuals for this lesson: a lamb, either a picture of a stuffed animal; a picture of a doorpost, a picture of a cross, red paint, a sponge brush}

Pharoah was sinning against God by not obeying him to let God's people leave Egypt. God sent 10 plagues to punish Pharoah and the Egyptians.

Through the first nine plagues, Pharoah still did not listen. The Bible said that "God hardened his heart so he would not let the people go". Then God sent the last plague which was the worst punishment of all. He killed all the first-born living in Egypt.

Do you think it was scary for God's people living in Egypt to know that the Lord was going to kill all the first born? A little scary? Very scary!

But God made a way for the Israelite first-born to be saved. 

He told the Israelites to take a perfect lamb with no spots, to kill that lamb and smear some of the blood on the doorframes of their homes. Then they were to go inside and not come out until the angel of the Lord had finished passing over Egypt. When the angel passed over their house and saw the blood the first-born child would live. But, if there was no lamb's blood on the door frame, the angel of God would enter the house and take the life of the child.

{Pause here and bring out the picture of the doorpost, the red paint and the sponge brush. Pass the supplies around the table to each child letting them smear some of the "blood" onto the doorpost. As they are doing this talk about how without the blood, the child would die, the blood cause the angel to "pass over" the house.}

Everything happened just as God said it would, and even Pharoah's son died that night. Pharoah was so sad, he finally agreed to let God's people leave Egypt.

Where is Jesus in this story?

Have you ever heard the words Lamb of God?

Because we are sinners, the Bible says we deserve to die like the first born in Egypt. Just like the blood of the perfect, spotless lamb made the angel of the Lord pass over the house and the child would live - so Jesus' blood on the cross is "painted" on our hearts so that our sins are "passed over" and we can live forever with God in heaven!

{Now bring out the picture of the cross, the paint, and the brush again. Allow the children to take turns painting blood on the cross. While they are painting say, "without the blood we have to be punished for our own sins which means spending forever and ever away from God. With the blood of Jesus we can live because Jesus was punished instead. Jesus died so that we can live!"}

Craft: Jesus is the lamb who was slain {explain what slain means}

Supplies: 1 paper plate for each child, glue, cotton balls, googley eyes, pink pipe cleaners, pink marker, black craft paper


  • On the back of each plate write "Jesus is the lamb who was slain" and the child's name
  • Spread glue around the bumpy part of the paper plate {the outer edge}
  • Place cotton balls all around the edge on the glue
  • glue on two googley eyes in the middle of the plate
  • shape a small piece of pipe cleaner into a mouth and glue onto the plate
  • color a pink nose between the mouth and the eyes
  • cut two ear shapes from the black craft paper and glue on top of the cotton balls on each side of the head

Game: Musical circle

Supplies: hoola hoops or string the the form of circles laid on the ground.

Instruct the kids to run around the circles while the music is playing. When the music stops jump into a circle. the last one left out of a circle gets to answer a question about the story.