DIY notecards

April 2013 086

I needed a quick and inexpensive gift for some childcare workers who have faithfully served me this past year. I first came across this idea here.

Here is what you need: blank notecards with envelopes, black acrylic paint, sponge brush, chalk, pencil sharpener, water, hair spray, twine

Step 1: Paint a black square on the front of each card. I let mine be imperfect. I like that kind of handmade look and it is less stressful. Let dry completely.

April 2013 085

Step 2: Decide what design you want on your card. I got some inspiration from Etsy. Just search chalkboard art. My favorite chalk artist is Leslie at recipeforcrazy.  Sharpen your chalk and dip it in water, then draw your design on the black paint. Let dry.

April 2013 087

April 2013 088

I like the look of white chalk better, but I ran out and my Target apparently doesn't carry plain white chalk {?!?}.

Note: When drawing with wet chalk, the line will look faint, but it will be bright again when it dries. 

Step 3: Spray the design with hairspray. Let dry. When the hairspray dries, the chalk will be set.

April 2013 090

Step 4: Stack up some of your cute cards with their envelopes and tie together with twine. I thought baker's twine would be really cute too, but I didn't have any on hand and I did have twine. So twine it was.

I had 8 workers to give these to. I purchased the notecards at Hobby Lobby for $4.20 {using a coupon}. Each teacher got six cards. I had all of the other supplies at home already, so this gift was super affordable. But even if you had to purchase everything I imagine it would still be fairly economical. You could give these as appreciation gifts, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, or make a set for yourself and send them out to your friends.

April 2013 091

This was fun and easy, even Monkey made a super cute one! You should give it a go!

April 2013 089

This is my birthday week, maybe I'll send this one to myself :)

Elizabeth Ann