the beginnings of a bedroom makeover

The Dude and I have decided to redo our bedroom. Actually, I decided and have been planning changes for months. Just this weekend he was made aware of my schemes and gave me the green light for an update. Whoo-Raw! I am going with black, white, and yellow. Mostly because a lot of things in the room are already black and white and for some reason I am really diggin' yellow lately. I'm hoping this turns out as I envision. Not so much bumblebee as soft and romantic.

This whole plan came about because I have been spending a lot of time looking at a big empty wall above my dresser l while nursing Tiger. I thought I could do something cute with stuff I mainly keep around the house. I did purchase these letters at Hobby Lobby to say "You & Me". I am in the process of spray painting them yellow.

photo 5

Then I stumbled across an antique store that had a 'store closing' sign out this weekend. I have a love-hate relationship with antique stores. I love antiques and would decorate my whole house with them, if I could afford it. Here enters that hate part of the relationship. I love a good deal more than antiques, so I rarely leave the store with them and settle for second best. The traditional/modern looking super affordable stuff from IKEA.  Not nearly as much character, but easier on the pocketbook.


But while I was at this closing sale I spotted the perfect new quilt for our bed. Upon entering the store was not planning on changing our comforter. It is tan, brown, and white. Neutral enough that I thought it would work with the addition of some new shams and throw pillows. But I absolutely fell in love with this quilt. It is black with white flower embroidery. And now my current comforter is loathsome to me. Dingy with tiny strings pulled out from our kitten.  Whereas my former plans would freshen up my space, this quilt would totally transform it. I would have whisked it home Saturday if it weren't for that pesky antique store price tag. This isn't even an antique, it's brand new in the bag from a design company in New Jersey. I knew I could probably haggle, but I was feeling nervous about it. I think I've gained my resolve over the past few days though and I will venture back this week with my best offer in hand. Here's hoping for the best!

Here are some other fun things I found, none marked down enough to come home with me, but fun to dream about and glean inspiration from. I'll keep you posted as the makeover continues!

photo 1

I love this dainty basket. I would probably use it for jewelry. The paper flowers in it are pretty groovy too, although I'm confident I could make them for less that $5 a flower. Sheesh.

photo 2

Pretty lantern sconces. I have some yellow candles {from IKEA} that would look great in these.

photo 3

I like these candle holders, but they are a little too tall.

photo 4

These are fun too, but I think I like the matted look of the first ones better than the shiny look of these. 

What do you think of my finds? How do you all redecorate? Do you do it all at once or pick up little things to add as you go? Anybody out there have good advice for thrifty antiquing?

Thanks for stopping by today, have a lovely Tuesday!!

Elizabeth Ann