Date night

I don't post many pictures of myself on here because I am normally the one taking the pictures. So here is one for you. The Dude and I are on the left. He just shaved his beard so if you see a guy on the street that looks like this don't yell "Hey Dude!" at him because he will most likely not answer you and you will just look silly. Actually now he looks a lot like the guy on the right which happens to be his little brother. In fact, after the Dude ditched the beard the Little Dude {our 2nd son} kept calling him Uncle. I think at first because he was legitimately confused, but now it is just to mess with him.  052

Okay, now onto what I came to write about...

A few weeks ago we went down to Dallas to visit the Dude's lovely family. Have I mentioned I have the best in-laws? I do.

They are always offering to watch my hoard of crazy kids so the Dude and I can get away and this time we went on a date with the Dude's brother and my sis-in-law Lindsey. {You should read her fun blog Our Woodland Life}.

We wanted to go see Lincoln, but the showtimes were all late so we drove around and found ourselves at a fancy sushi place. I have only had sushi once before and I liked it alright, but this place was awesome. I was the dorky girl taking pictures of the food as it came to the table. But I'm okay with being that girl :)


I think half of the appeal of sushi is the presentation. They all looked so pretty and intricate.


You could tell this place was legit because it did not offer forks as an option. Just chop sticks. Luckily, I spent a couple weeks in Asia once and got the hang of them. But Lindsey had a chopstick fail. Sushi on the table. No worries, I'm pretty sure one of the guys still ate it. Challenge for the week: Use the word legit in one conversation.

061  When we were finally full and happy we made our way to the theater. We were still pretty early when we got there so we played in the arcade. Lindsey takes her racing pretty seriously. I smoked the Dude in Guitar Hero. On the beginner level. To Black Sabbath. With middle schoolers waiting in line behind us. Yea, we're that cool.