Does anyone remember 30-minute meals with Rachel Ray? Is that show still on? We don't have a ton of time for tv around here so we ditched cable a couple of years ago.... Anyway, the Dude introduced me to Rachel Ray in college. We spent many late nights in our first year of marriage watching her whip up fast food, then ordering out for a pizza. She used to say "Yumm-o". It's still a popular saying around our house for delicious food.

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After a baby, my culinary creativity gets shelved for a few months, as does the phrase Yumm-o. I tend to fall back on popular stand-by's like boxed mac and cheese and sloppy joes. But this weekend I dusted off the 'ol apron and tried a couple new recipes for Easter. We got to bring back the old phrase too, these recipes are Yumm-o!

They are not my own obviously. Two are from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummand. She is like an old friend, she has never disappointed me. And one is from the archives of a blog I read called Under the Sycamore. Don't judge me that all of these are sweet. These were made as my contribution to church potlucks. Although we did bring home over half a pan of brownies which may or may not have seen another sunrise.

If you need a dessert that claims to not only knocks your socks off, but everything, try Knock You Naked Brownies. You really must try these. Although after eating half a pan of brownies I felt more like donning sweats and a big fluffy blanket than my birthday suit. TMI? Sorry.

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Easter morning we had a brunch at church to celebrate our Risen King! The kids at church had made these Easter Gardens during their Wednesday night craft time. They served as meaningful centerpieces for the tables. I opted to bring something sweet for brunch because my sweet tooth is most ravenous in the early and late hours of the day. I could eat a donut everyday for breakfast. I don't, but I could.

I made Baked French Toast. Which was better than a donut. And easy. The Dude and I were watching a movie Saturday night and I made him pause it so I could go prep the dish for the morning. He settled in to watch a wood-working show, thinking I would be gone for a while and I appeared not 5 minutes later ready to start the movies back up. Seriously, this is the easiest thing to make. And the Yumm-o factor is a 10. So you can't beat that.

photo (12)This last recipe is for a Chocolate Bavarian Torte. Sound fancy huh? Looks pretty fancy too, but it was also very easy and it tastes delicious. If you find yourself with an abundance of will-power, you can refrigerate for the 8 hours the recipe calls for before serving. We only withheld for about 3 before we dug in. It was still really good, but letting it sit a while longer gave the frosting a chance to set up a little more.

If you need a little Yummo-o in your life, try these recipes. I'm always hesitant to try random recipes I find on Pinterest. They rarely turn out quite as expected. But these three were winners in my kitchen!


Elizabeth Ann