Snow week in review

I have been home all day with my four littles for one week now. There have been some ups and downs, lets just say a sanctifying work has been happening within these four walls... more on that later perhaps. For now, I thought I'd share with you what we've been doing with ourselves. February 2013 209 February 2013 210 February 2013 206

Of course some fun in the snow. I caught some good smile here and I think they all look hilarious all bundled up. But don't let us fool you, we were pretty wimpy about it all. I think the longest they lasted on any given outing was thirty minutes.

February 2013 151 ย February 2013 139February 2013 161

Wherever I placed Little Dude is where he stayed. He did not like to walk in the snow in his snow boots. He finally resorted to digging himself out scoop-by-scoop. I think we found our future sidewalk shoveler. Bear pooped out and used a tree for support when his mother would not hold him up. We built something that vaguely resembled a snowman, so we dressed him up to help out our cause. Who doesn't love a fireman? Is it ironic, a fireman made out of snow?

February 2013 157 February 2013 160

I couldn't get this guy to smile at me. He hadn't been feeling top-notch. So I made him feel terribly guilty with some fake tears which livened him right up. Go figure.

February 2013 109 February 2013 107 February 2013 064February 2013 066

The first few days were docile and sweet. We all enjoyed the extra time to accomplish things at home. Dishes, catching up on some reading, learning to sit independently, 500 piece puzzles. And then everyone went a little loopy.

February 2013 105 February 2013 089 February 2013 083

I'm not even sure how to describe these pictures. We'll just let them speak for themselves.

February 2013 199 February 2013 198 February 2013 200

Today I had to be a little more intentional about everything. Three out of four hearts {mine being one of them} needed a serious overhaul straight out of bed. So we prayed for each other and then made some playdough. I forgot the salt. Mom fail. It was sticky and frustrating, much like our morning. When I figured out my error I quickly mixed in some salt, and we were on our way to colorful snowmen, rainbows, and pancake towers.

February 2013 194 February 2013 193 February 2013 188ย  ย photo (12)

Monkey is reading Charlotte's Web to herself. I have read it to her twice. I think we can safely call it her favorite book. The Little Dude might grow up to be an engineer like his daddy... I heard the Dude liked to disassemble toys when he was a kid too.

Coffee and scripture memory fed my soul today. Not that they are equal by any means, but they both make me feel better.

I did some blogging under heavy artillary. Someone might have been trying to tell me to get off the computer. Shortly after this my Internet went down for the day. God's grace at work again.

February 2013 168 February 2013 169

The Dude celebrated his birthday on Saturday. I spent all afternoon making homemade pizza crusts. He made his favorite pizza. Monkey put 29 candles on his cake. Just in case you thought we ate them raw I took a picture of one in my dirty oven. That's real life folks!

February 2013 181 February 2013 175

And I fell more in love with this little Tiger this week. He does not mind at all staying home all day. If the baby is happy, mommy is happy. ย And if mommy is happy, everyone else is happy? Well, it should work that way.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our snow week. Praise God we survived unscathed, for the most part.

Thanks for visiting!

Elizabeth Ann