PSS Review: God Preserves Moses

I got a little behind on my lessons, so this week I am hoping to add three. We're moving right along in our Sunday school lessons. Today we begin Exodus! And of course we will start with a little baby in a basket... God Preserves Moses

Scripture: Exodus 1:8-2:10

Focus: God is faithful and his promises are true

Target Age: 4-5 years


This lesson tells really well as a narrative. Show the kids Exodus in the Bible and explain that we are in a new book and will be learning about different people and how they fit into God's plan. Visuals might also be a good idea for this lesson. Print several pages of a big crowd of people. {Search Google images clip art until you find one you like.} Cut around the image and have these ready for class. As you begin the lesson tape a few of the groups of people up on the board. Then as you tell the story every time you say "God's people grew bigger," add another group of people.

The first verse in our scripture today says, "Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph."

We have been talking for so many weeks about Joseph, but now he is dead along with his entire generation and a new king is in power who has never heard of him. But just because the Pharoah's forgot Joseph doesn't mean that God forgot about him or the promises that he made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. All this time God's people have been growing. They are called the Israelites. And we will be talking about them for many weeks to come. See, God made a promise called a covenant with the Israelites that they would become a great nation,, and they had. In fact, they were so many Israelites in Egypt that the new king started to get a little nervous about them. He knew that if the Israelites wanted too, they could overthrow the Egyptians. So the king decided to do something about it. He forced the Israelites to be slaves and do hard labor. But God just made them keep growing in number. Then the king went to the Israelite midwives {explain that a midwife is someone who helps deliver babies} and told them that as they delivered the babies they were to check and see if it was a boy or girl. If it was a boy, Pharaoh ordered them to kill him. If the baby was a girl, she could live. But the midwives did not obey Pharaoh and they let all the babies live. And God made his people grow even bigger and bigger! Then Pharaoh ordered all of the Israelites to drown their baby boys in the river.

It might have seemed like life was too hard for the Israelites, but God had a plan. There was a woman with a baby boy and she did not obey Pharoah. She kept her baby boy alive and a secret until she could not hide him any longer. So then she made a basket by weaving together leaves and she made it waterproof by covering it with pitch {a black, sticky substance that dried hard}. They she placed her baby boy in the basket and put the basket in the river. The baby boy's big sister followed the basket down the river to see what would happen to her brother. All of the sudden the basket floated up to a woman taking a bath in the river. The woman was Pharaoh's daughter. She looked in the basket and found a baby boy. She knew the baby was an Israelite, but she wanted to keep him. So she kept him as her own son and named him Moses.

Discussion Questions:

{1} How did the king of Egypt tried to make life really hard for the Israelites. By making them slaves and trying to kill their baby boys.

{2} Did that stop God from keeping his promises? No

{3} Can anything stop God from keeping his promises? no, nothing!

{4} Why can you always trust God even when bad things happen and life seems hard? because of who Gos is - He keeps all of his promises, he is greater than all, he knows everything, etc...

Where is Jesus in this story?

Before class collect pictures of Noah's ark, a cross, and Moses' basket.

In the Bible the word used for Moses' basket is the same word used for Noah's ark, the big boat. Just like God used the ark to rescue Noah, he used a little basket to rescue Moses. God saved baby Moses from Pharoah because he planned on using him to save his people from slavery. When Jesus was a baby, another mean king named Herod tried to kill all of the baby boys to get rid of him, but God saved his life because he would use Jesus to save God's people from another kind of slavery - slavery to sin.


Sink or Float -

Supplies: Bucket with water, toys that float and toys that sink.

Show each toy one at a time and ask the kids if they think it will sink or float. Then place the toy in the water and observe what happens. Talk about why some of the toys sank and why some of them floated. Talk about why Moses' mom covered his basket in pitch. Would a basket with holes in it sink or float?

Craft {Moses basket weaving} -

I found a printable online that when weaved together made a cute little basket with a baby Moses to go inside. I cannot find the link that I originally used... I would take a picture of Monkey's, but I left it in the car and this crazy Kansas wind took it away a few days ago. As it rolled down the street, Monkey was screaming for her baby Moses. But with my own little baby in tow and the fact that I am out of shape and wouldn't have been able to chase it down anyway, we had to let him go.

Honestly, my activity was a little too old for this age group. I basically had to do this for each of the kids.  Here are some links to other appropriate crafts for this lesson. You can take your pick.

Moses in a basket craft

Baby Moses paper craft

Moses and Miriam craft

Memory Verse: Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.