Valentine's Day

There is a period of time shortly after I have a baby that nothing extra happens around here. I'm lucky if I get a shower. We are currently in that bare minimum mode around here. I sent store-bought Valentine's with the kids to preschool for goodness sake. No offense to anyone who sends store-bought Valentine's, it's just that those who know me well were pretty surprised that I didn't have something crafty up my sleeve. I've been telling people lately that I am still recovering from Christmas, and they laugh at what they assume is hyperbole... but in all actuality, I am still bouncing back. It takes a lot to feel back to normal after a 12 day trip when every task must be completed one-handed with your weight off balanced by a baby on your hip. All that to say that as Valentine's Day was rolling around I felt like not participating. But then Tuesday came and I felt as thought I were forgetting something.

So here we are at the end of Thursday, Valentine's Day 2013. The sun has set and I am headed to bed. Here is a look-back at the last 36 hours.

Making salt dough with friends. Kneed, roll, cut into hearts, bake, paint, string with beads. Fun Valentine accessories and gifts for friends.



photo 2photo 3

Baking pink cookies. Recipe found here. Ate too much frosting. Sent cookies to church for kids to enjoy so that I don't eat them all by myself.


photo 1

Quickly throw together a Valentine's basket for the Dude to find in his car as a gesture of love and affection. All for a whopping $4. Ideas came from here.

Raid the dollar bins and candy aisles at Target for little gifts for the kids.

Serve heart-shaped waffles for breakfast {I use my good 'ol Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook}, heart-shaped pizza for lunch {Papa Murphy's!}.

Forget to take pictures of the kids in their cute clothes... darn.

Serve the Dude a late dinner of steak and sweet potato fries {his fave}.

Go to bed. {That hasn't happened yet, but it will shortly.}

So what happened to not doing Valentine's Day? Why is it that I cannot let a holiday pass without some sort of fan-fare? It was fun though, I don't regret it. Holidays are fun and one that spurs me on to loving those closest to me in new and creative ways is always good. I just hope it doesn't take me two months to recover from this one. Thankfully, I don't really consider St. Patrick's Day a holiday that requires celebrating, so I can get back to the bare minimum for a while.