PSS Review {God reunites Joseph and his brothers}

God reunites Joseph and his brother and moves Jacob to Egypt. God repeats his promise to Jacob. Scripture: Genesis 43:16-46:7

Age group: 4-5 years old

Focus: God is faithful and trustworthy - what He promises, He will do!


I often use The Jesus Storybook Bible to help tell the story to my kids, but I have another resource that I have been turning to lately. It is called The Gospel Story Bible.


The stories are a bit longer and there are fewer pictures, but it offers more stories than the former. The passage this week is long, and chalk full of tons of detail. While I want the kids to know the details of the story, I don't want them to get muddled and miss the main point. Also, I have been increasingly convicted to be more intentional about bringing the stories full circle to how they point us to Jesus. The Gospel Story Bible does a great job of concisely relaying the story, and always ends with a connection to Jesus. So this week I just read straight out of this Bible. If you do not have access to this Bible, you could print a copy of the passage, highlight the keys points to the story, and emphasize where you see Jesus on your own.

As I was telling the story, I thought some visual aides might be helpful.

Come to class with a tub of rice, a paper sack, a fancy cup, and some dollar bills.

Before the lesson, fill the paper sack with rice and the money. Remind the kids that Joseph's brothers had come to Egypt for food. They had seen Joseph, but did not know who he was. Joseph sent them home with grain and their money. {Let the kids take turns looking in the sack}.

Now dump the rice into the bin. Now Joseph's brothers ran out of grain. {Show the kids the empty sack}. So Jacob told them to go back to Egypt to get more. Now remember Joseph had told them that the next time they came back they had to bring their littlest brother Benjamin or they would not get food. Jacob was afraid to send Benjamin for fear he would not return, but after some convincing, he let him go. Jacob made sure the brothers took the money back to Egypt. {Put the money back in the sack}.

Joseph's brother arrived in Egypt and had a special dinner with Joseph. They tried to give him back the money, but he wouldn't take it. Instead, he filled their sacks again with grain. And while they weren't looking he put the money back in their sacks. He also told his servants to put his special cup in Benjamin's sack. {Put the fancy cup in the sack}.

The brother left and soon after, Joseph's men came behind them looking for the cup accusing the brothers of stealing it. They said, "Whoever has the cup must stay to be Joseph's servant." They looked through each brothers sack and found the cup with Benjamin. {Let the kids look in the sack to see the cup}. Judah, one of Joseph's brothers, pleaded to take Benjamin's place because he knew that if Benjamin did not make it safely home, their father Jacob would die.

When Judah offered to take Benjamin's place, Joseph knew that they truly had changed and were not the same as they were when they sold him into slavery. Joseph told them he was their brother and forgave them. He told them to not be afraid because "God sent him before them to preserve preserve for you a remnant on earth, and to keep alive for you many survivors. So it was not you who sent me here, but God..." Genesis 45:5-8, 46:3-5

After this, with Pharoah's permission, Jacob and all of his family came to live near Joseph in Egypt so that they would be safe from the famine. On the way, God meant with Jacob and told him that he would bless Jacob and make his family very big while they were in Egypt.

{In light of my new effort to emphasize Christ, I will be adding a section to my weekly lesson plans Where do we see Jesus in this story.}

Where do we see Jesus in this story?

{1} God sent Joseph through hardships in order to save the lives of many people. Similarly, Jesus endured suffering on the cross and death to save people from their sins.

{2} Judah offered to trade places with Benjamin much like Jesus laid down his life for us.

{3} Joseph saw where God's hand had been in his life and forgave those who hurt him, just like Jesus forgave those persecuting him while He was dying on the cross. {Luke 23:34}


Discuss God's Promises

God kept his promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by sending Joseph to Egypt to keep Jacob's family alive during the famine. When God makes a promise, can you trust him to keep it?

Print out some promises God made us in his word onto strips of paper and place them in the Bible. Pass the Bible around and have each child remove a promise. Go around the table, read the promise and discuss what it means. You can talk about where you saw that promise was true in the story and in their own lives.

Grain Craft

Supplies: construction paper, rice, glue, marker, paper sacks


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Elizabeth Ann