Meaningful crafts for Valentine's day

Two of my kids attend a children's group at my church called Crestview Kids every Wednesday night. Once a month we have a family night where the parents come for supper and to hear their kids sing a song for the month and recite their memory verse. This month the song is the Gospel Song. It is super simple, but gets right to the point of it all.

Holy God in love became

Perfect man to bear my blame

On the cross he took my sin

By his death I live again

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, my first thought was to create a Valentine's decoration featuring the Gospel Song. Celebrating romantic love with preschoolers and school aged kids is pretty silly if you ask me, but celebrating God's love for us in sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins... now that I can get behind.

So here are two ideas for crafts to do with the kids.

{1} LOVE sign

You will need: Unfinished wooden letters L-O-V-E, hot glue, letter stickers, acrylic paint, paintbrushes or paint sponges, and ribbon {optional}, permanent marker


Each letter will hold one verse of the song and each verse will have 2-3 key words in stickers. The minor words will be filled in with a sharpie later. Place the words Holy God and Love on the wooden L. Place the words Perfect and blame one the wooden O. The words cross and sin on the V, and the words death and live again on the E.

Paint each letter with red or pink paint fully covering the stickers and the edges. You might want to blot around the stickers instead of brushing to keep the paint from seaping underneith. It will take a couple minutes for the paint to dry. By the time you finish painting the E, the L will probably be dry enough to remove the stickers. Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers and write the other words in between the words you used stickers on.

Now hot glue the wooden letters into whatever design you like.  I put them into a square, you could also do a straight line, or even vertical. If you think you would like to hang the project, hot glue a coordinating ribbon to the back.

{2} Canvas painting

This idea has been circling around for quite some time. If you are on Pinterest I'm sure you've seen it. The idea is the same really, just no wooden letters.

You will need: one 8x10 canvas for each child, letter stickers, heart stickers, acrylic paint, brushes or sponge brushes, permanent marker







Here are some important tips for this craft.

{1} Chipboard stickers work best. If the stickers are too thin, the paint will get behind them and they will move around when painted over.

{2} Dab the paint on top of the letters, try not to brush with straight stokes too much.

{3} Remove the stickers before the paint completely dries. We let the paint dry on a few of the canvases before taking the stickers off and the letters were basically glued to the canvas. We got them off, but it took a while.

{4} If a letter messes up, don't stress about it. You can always go through with some white paint and touch them up a bit.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Elizabeth Ann