PSS Review: God preserves his people in famine

God Preserves His People in Famine Scripture: Genesis 42:1-43:15

Focus: God is merciful, gracious, and loving. God's promises NEVER fail.

Opener: Talk to the kids a little about promises. Has anyone every made them a promise that they were unable to keep? {I used an example of mom promising to take her kids to the park after nap, but then baby brother gets sick and she can't take them. She has broken her promise}. See if the kids can come up with their own examples and then talk about how God always keeps his promises. We had a few activities relating to promises God made His children a few weeks back. You could do one of those activities here as well.

Lesson: I printed out this passage from my online Bible resource {} and highlighted the sections I wanted to read, inputting commentary for clarification sake where needed. This story reads very well, is interesting and compelling. I placed the copies in my Bible in Genesis and opened my Bible to read them to the kids.


Did Joseph's dreams come true? {Yes, because they were from God!}

Refer back to the opener where you talked about how sometimes people's promises fail, but God always keeps His promises.

Pray: Thank God for being faithful to His people.


Rice Sensory Play:

Supplies: plastic tub filled with about 1 cup of uncooked rice per child, measuring cups, funnels, bowls, plastic baggies, twist ties, spoons, toy barn or box.

Let the kids gather around the table and play in the bucket of rice for a few minutes. Then have them put about 1/2 cup of rice into their personal bowls. Tell them that this is the rice they will have to eat during the seven years of good harvest. After they fill their bowls have them fill a plastic baggie with 1/2 cup of rice to store away in the toy barn for the coming famine. After all the children have filled their bowls and baggies comment on how there is no more rice in the bucket. This was like the fields in the world. There was no more grain. People didn't have anything to eat and were getting hungry. But God had provided for His people. There was food in the storehouses in Egypt. So people from all over the world came to Egypt to buy grain. Ask the kids, "Do you remember who God put in charge of the storehouses? {Joseph.}

Storehouse Craft:

jospeh craft

Supplies: Construction paper, printout of barn, grain, and Joseph {found in Word clipart and free online clipart}, glue

Before class  -cut out the barn and cut around the barn doors so they open.

-Separate the grain pictures into sets of seven, one set for each child.

-Also cut out the Joseph picture.

-Draw a square the size of the barn doors on each sheet of construction paper.

In class - have the kids count each of their grain bags. Ask them why they think they have seven bags. {for the 7 years of famine}

- Have them paste their grain into the square on their paper. It's okay if they don't all fit, just have them set the extra to the side for now.

- Next the kids paste the barn on the paper so the opening to the door lines up with the square you drew. Now when you open the doors you should be able to see the grain.

- If they had grain left over, paste it on the outside of the barn.

- Color Joseph and add him to the picture.

- Write on the paper "God showed mercy by providing food for Joseph and His people."