Peas, anyone?

Time's flyin around here people. Baby Boy is already five months old. Hard to believe. He decided to let me know he was ready for solid food in two ways. First, he gazed longingly at my fork as it traveled from plate to mouth and back again. Second, he started waking up at night to nurse. He knows how to get my attention, hit me right where it hurts. He got a lovely new highchair for Christmas from his grandparents. It's called the Joovy Hook. It comes in his favorite color too! I LOVE this high chair, which is saying something because I hate every other high chair I have ever used. This one is great because it doesn't touch the floor, so no moving it to sweep under, which if you have a small child you understand must be done several times a day. And he gets to sit right up at the table with us, not off the side somewhere. That way, I can enjoy a meal with the family while I am feeding him, and the action and conversation from his siblings keeps him highly entertained.

I let the kids decide what food to start with, they chose peas. Poor boy :). He didn't love them, but we moved on to squash later and he was a big fan! With the other kids, I had the initiative to make their food {at least for a while}. Baby Boy's progress caught me a little off-guard so he will have store bought for now. I think he'll survive.317 319 324