Preschool Sunday School Review: God gives Joseph dreams

It's been quite a while since I have posted a Sunday School review. Sorry about that! We have been plugging away through Genesis in our little preschool class. Right now I only have four regular attenders, which is great for the lesson. I feel like I can really keep their attention and ask each of them in-depth questions. Of course, I also love it when we have more, which was the case this week. The teacher for the 2-3 year olds was home sick and asked me to cover her class. So I had about eight 2-5 year olds {three of which were my own :)}. We took a few weeks off to cover Christmas, but now we're back to our normal curriculum. In case you're new here, we use a curriculum called He Established a Testimony and you can find it through Children Desiring God here.

God gives Joseph Dreams

Scripture: Genesis 37

Target Age: 2-5 years

Focus: 1) God communicates with man. 2) Man is a sinner and deserves punishment. He is unable to save himself and needs God.

Opener: We have recently restructured our children's Sunday school department to begin the morning with corporate worship. This week, we spent the fifteen minutes teaching the kids the books of the Bible.


Jacob had 12 sons {count to 12 with the kids}. His youngest son was named Joseph. Jacob loved his son Joseph more than all of his other sons. This man his other sons angry and jealous and they hated Joseph {explain that hate is the opposite of love. God commands us to love one another - Romans 12:10 - so the brothers were sinning}.

One night, God gave Joseph a dream. He dreamed that there were eleven stalks of wheat in a circle bowing down to a stalk of wheat in the center of the circle. This dream meant that Joseph would rule over his eleven brothers and they would bow down to him. Joseph told his brothers the dream and they hated him even more.

Then God gave Joseph another dream. In this dream the sun and the moon and eleven stars all bowed down to Joseph. The son stood for Joseph's father, the moon was his mother, and the eleven stars were his brothers. How do you think this dream made his brothers feel? His brothers hated Joseph in their hearts even more.

Application and Questions:

1) God communicates with man. Joseph's brother didn't believe that his dreams would come true, but God was actually giving Joseph a vision of the future. Back in the time Joseph was living, God used to communicate with man in all sorts of ways. He would give them a dream or a vision, or meet with them in different forms and talk to them. But now God communicates with us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit {the part of God who lives inside us when we trust in Jesus and helps us understand what we read in the Bible}.

2) God commands us to love one another {Romans 12:10} and to love our enemies {Luke 6}. Joseph's brothers did not love him. They hated him so much that they wanted to hurt him. Do you ever want to hurt someone when you don't like them? This is a sin because God wants us to love others, even if they are not loving toward us. We all have sin in our hearts like Joseph's brothers and we need God to rescue us from that sin. God sent Jesus, who never sinned, to die on the cross and take our sin punishment away. If you believe in Jesus, you have been rescued from your sin!

Pray: Thank God that he has sent Jesus to save us from our sins. Ask God to help us love one another and thank him for the Bible.


I had several ideas for activities to go with this lesson. Many of them were different forms of heart artwork {which would fit in nicely if you are planning this lesson for near Valentine's Day}. Just be sure to include Romans 12:10 somewhere on the art page. Here are some links to fun, preschool friendly heart projects. Just click on the title to take you to the site!

Handprint Hearts

Heart Blot Paint

Tissue Paper Hearts


For a game, I have a generic game board that I made out of a file folder a couple of years ago. Give each child a game piece and have a dice available. The children take turns rolling the dice, but they have to answer a question about the lesson before they can move forward.

Or you can play hot potato! Whoever is left holding the potato when the music stops gets to answer a question.

Thanks for visiting! Have a blessed week!

Elizabeth Ann