Oh, the places we've been


I'm pretty sure everyone else in the world has moved on from Christmas, but I am just now digging myself out of the wreckage caused by all the big fun that was had by all.128

We loaded up the van with several children and gifts and headed down to Texas to spend eleven days with the grands. I had a super cute travel buddy!235Here's a picture of Baby and his GG. 224The Dude's parents live in a suburb of Dallas. My husband made well-known his complaint that we would be missing our mid-Kansas Christmas day blizzard in exchange for 50 degree sunny skies. But what to his wondering eyes did appear? Four inches in Dallas on Christmas day! White Christmases are fun and pretty!251249

The next day however, we ventured even farther south, to my parents house in San Antonio. No snow there folks. No-sir-ee. In fact, we spent a day outdoors at the oldest amusement park in the country, with archaic rides made just for the little ones.258 And we did so in light jackets, until we got too hot and shedded them.254 As my kids boarded the boat ride alongside children clad in fur-lined winter coats they were asked if they were cold. Cold? No. It's 70 degrees people! The airplanes had guns on them. My boys' dream come true. Little Dude took it pretty seriously. He has a flair for the dramatic.



253We went to my favorite restaurant of all time. This place is hands-down the best part of my parents moving to SA. If you ever take a trip here, you HAVE to eat at the Alamo Cafe. And order the puffy tacos {and a frozen margarita if you feel so inclined!}

The Dude's parents also showed us a good time with a yummy Christmas Eve breakfast and lots of baby-sitting. I am truly spoiled by my family. In all the craziness, this is the closest thing we got to a family picture... sigh.233

When we finally returned to Kansas, The Dude and I were weary travelers. 240The kids however must have felt the effects of sitting in the car for so many hours. Immediately upon their return home they started bounding off the walls {quite literally in some instances} and they haven't stopped since. At least they are happy!246 I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year like we did!

Elizabeth Ann